Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Post Fair Patter, Tonsils and a Lamp of Greatness.

I am a bit on the late side with my 'Post Fair Patter' but I do have a flippin good excuse.
It all started the night before the fair when Littlest took ill with what we now know is the dreaded Tonsilitus.

We have all been very worried and he has been very poorly.
I spent a very sleepless night on Saturday trying to keep his temperature down, I cope very badly when my boys are ill. When I say badly what I mean is that I get very anxious.
I just had to be next to him all the time.

As you can imagine, I was in rather a mess by Sunday morning but I was going to the fair no matter what. I knew that Littlest would be in safe hands with his Daddy, Grandma and big bro.

I text 'other Oooh Betty' to warn her that not only did I look pretty rough but that I would probably be about as much use as a rubber walking stick....anyhows, adrenalin ( yes really) took over and I was soon washed away by the great Vintage Village atmosphere.

It was a beautiful day, it really was. Warm, bright and dry
We arrived quite early (a miracle in my case) and soon had our stall set out and a coffee in our hands.

We had so many wonderful visitors and I think it was my best fair yet for both enjoyment and success.
Many talked of our rivals over at Victoria Baths who were hosting the Vintage Home Show but I don't think it mattered a jot.
Vanessa of Den at Beechwood came to see us which was lovely and I got to meet her gorgeous little girl. They bought one of my 'Kitty In A Box'
Beth of 'littlest my' bobbed by and also purchased a kitty.
I actually sold nearly all of my kitties so I was over the moon as you can imagine.
I will show you the new recruits shortly.

I lovely girl bought a suitcase from us and I am really pleased that she mentioned me on her blog and I now have another great blog to follow. Pop over here and read her take on the fair.

So, what did I buy?
Well as usual I was very frugal as it all about the profit margins whilst trading.
I always seem to do well on the haberdashery front.

I got all this for £3 !!
And a load of threads.

The sewing basket is in need of a bitta magic but I could see that it had a few thread cards inside which I always need for my vintage ribbon display.
Imagine my delight when I got home and found wooden reels, vintage buttons, loads of bias and ribbon....this is my fave ;)

I also did my usual trot over to Kitsch Republic and got a big piece of one of my most fave fabrics and loads of much needed/wanted buttons. I do need them....don't argue!

And I got some rather nice coasters. I now have enough coasters to enable me to host the party of the century!

I got home from the fair exhausted but very happy. Great day of socialising, selling and eating Stuarts cupcakes ( the cherry bakewell rocks ).

Littlest was still very sick when I got home and he didn't leave our bed until this morning. I am so happy he is on the mend, we knew he had turned a corner when he demanded a Happy Meal. We couldn't refuse.

Lastly is a new, very welcome, addition to our kitchen.
It is an EBay purchase and I am well aware I have got an absolute bargain.

Can you spot it?

Yes, it is the 70s arc lamp of amazingness.
I absolutely love it. Should I tell you how much I paid for it???
Go on then, I paid £56. I can't believe my luck. It has the marble base and is what I think to be an original Heals lamp, please correct me if I am wrong!

It adds a certain ambiance to the room and even Mr Betty said I had done good.

I have just made another brillo EBay purchase only today, you will have to wait for pics as I (Mr Betty) has yet to bring it home. It was on a recent wish list so let's see if anyone guesses what is might be.
I will be sure to post pics as soon as it has arrived and been accessorised to within an inch of it's life.

This evening I will mostly be eating something healthy, drinking Cranberry juice and making kitty satchels for the new kitties on the block.

Thanks for reading and thanks to all the peeps that have purchased my kitty's, it makes my heart all warm and squidgy. Xx

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  1. Hiya Emma,
    I am soo sorry your little man was poorly, like you I was a worrier, when mine got sick....
    Always thinking of the dreaded meningitus...
    Also pleased you had a fab day selling your wares at the vintage fair...
    Just to let you know Polly has made an appearance on my blog and has settled in very well indeed..
    Thank you once again!
    Kind regards Maria x

  2. Looks like was a lovely day and you found lots of nice treasure too! Hope you're little lad's ok now ... Claire xxx

  3. Ps;! wanted to say also, Fab lamp,am loving it!

  4. Thank you very much for the shout out. it was lovely meeting you two very lovely ladies. So friendly and beautiful! Hope your little one is feeling better. x

  5. I just found your blog by Maria's today, I am so glad I did, what a lovely blog you have :) The fair sounded like fun..love the look of you stall. Your kitties are just the cutest!!
    I am your newest follower...
    Magie x

  6. Hope little one is feeling better, nothing worse than that. Great finds you've found, as always, glad you had a good day at the Vintage, Iam doing another fair next week, there coming thick and fast now, hardly any time to spit (my Grandad used to say this and I seemed to have inherited it) love kittys peeing out of their homes. Julie xxx

  7. Aah sounds a horrid time all round, but made much better by having a good day at Vintage Village, congrats for getting there...hope he's better soon, Gwyneth at www.vintageafternoonteas.co.uk ps like the lamp:)