Monday, 18 June 2012

New Kitties (in boxes of course).

Quick post about some new kitties I have just listed on Folksy.
I think I have been withering on about my Kitties in Boxes without having the common sense to explain what they are, where they can be purchased and how much they cost.
I am a bit thick like that!

I have recently got really in to making and selling my kitties and have been doing rather well at the fairs, ok on Folksy (mainly thanks to my lovely blog friends) and also selling to family and friends. They do make rather good gifts if I do say so myself.

Basically, cut a story and all that jazz, my kitties are made out of felt and are hand stitched using embroidery thread.
I hand stitch their faces so that they all have individual, unique expressions.
I use vintage buttons for their eyes.
My mum knits all their sweaters and vests at my demand and I am very demanding ;)
I make the little skirts. Both the jumpers and skirts are made from thrifted fabrics and yarn.

Each kitty comes in its very own retro house box that is handmade (by me, my mum has refused) out of recycled card. the boxes are lined with recycled card that has a retro wallpaper print.

I have just listed some new kitties on Folksy today and you can find them all here

I would love to make some custom kitties if the need arises with chosen names, breed and clothes.

Thanks to everyone has bought kitties from me so far I really do appreciate it.

I will be back shortly with a post fair post and some news (good) on the robbery situation.

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  1. Hello there'
    Just speaking for your kitties, they are wonderful, I can vouch for that!
    Just read your earlier post (day off)
    Am sending thoughts to you about the terrible robbery, I had this done to me at work and believe me it shocked me, that some one could come into the beautiful little shop I spent my hours in to steal my purse, complete with piccies of my family in too..
    They also used my cards!
    Hope you can get some help with this....
    Chin up Maria x