Monday, 18 June 2012

Magpies and I post fair pics and patter

yesterday I stood at the Magpies and I vintage and craft fair in Altrincham
i was in the hall this time
we were warm and dry but i did think it slightly quieter than the area i am usually in
it is a lovely hall though

i had a little helper with me 

in the form of 'middle' son
it was nice having some company although i did have to buy him a game, hot chocolate and a rather substantial pin'n'mix

it was rather nice just focusing on the haberdashery and kitties, i was set up within 10 mins and i only had to lug 4 suitcases in (i say I, it was actually Mr betty).

i had lots of lovely visitors as always

it was lovely chatting with Vanessa and Sarah, i can't tell you how much i appreciate your visits

i didn't do amazingly well on the sales front, i only sold 3 kitties this time but i did really enjoy myself
i will be in the same spot next month so lets hope it is a bit busier

before i go (i am knicker knackered) i must update you on Mr Bettys robbery

the good news is that almost all the money has been refunded
we now know that Mr Betty drew out £20 from a cash point to get a taxi home and within 10 minutes of that event the thief had pick pocketed his card and used the same machine to withdraw £200 from our account
the police are assuming that the thief must have looked over his shoulder to obtain his pin number
the next morning they shopped at Asda and then went to a Lloyds bank and withdrew (over the counter might I add) £1930 leaving us heavily in to our overdraft

Mr Betty feels shocked and ashamed. he feels that he had too much to drink and was taken advantage of
i don't feel like this towards him at all
Mr betty never drinks and this was just an unfortunate event
it is a stark warning that you can never be too careful
Mr betty is a big, strong man but these people/ person took the risk
he only had his phone and card and had deliberately left his wallet and keys at home
from sharing this awful story on my blog it has become shockingly apparent that this is not uncommon and i have had a lot of messages of support but sadly many of them tell of similar stories and prove that it can happen to anyone
i want to thank everyone for their support it was much needed at a very stressful time but it seems we will live to afford another day :)

tonight i will mostly be relaxing...i need it, drinking sweet sweet tea and watching 'the street'
thanks for reading, you are all amazing. x


  1. Glad you've got your money back, and he wasn't hurt, could have been worse, but thankfully wasn't. Is a warning to everyone, and thanks for sharing. Have a lovely week, you deserve it! Xx

  2. VERY, VERY glad to hear that!

  3. Soo pleased to hear this!
    Maria x

  4. I'm glad you are not out of pocket and hope the shock soon fades. Wouldn't have thought the bank would just had over so much cash without ID or something, they could certainly do more to help prevent a theft like this.

  5. Hello Mrs Betty :-)

    So sorry to hear about your bad happenings, there are some horrible people arnt there, lets hope karma catches up with them. Poor Mr Betty. At least he is safe and you have your money xx
    the pics of the fair look fab, glad it went well
    Love Sophie xx

  6. It worked :) lovely to see you today xxxxx