Saturday, 23 June 2012

Things that are making me smile through the rain.

Hello....where have I been? Even I don't know!

I have been busy with these.

They will soon be listed on Folksy and you can buy them here
I have made another Tom cat called Freddie. Since I sold Peter the girl kitties have been a little grumpy so I knew they needed a man to 'sort things out'.
I was very lucky to receive an amazing bundle of kitty skirt fabric during my visit to Mrs Teawagons shed for tea. All my kitty's are now looking picture perfect in their vintage skirts.....Freddie has shorts of course.

I stumbled across a few pretty buttons whilst thrift shopping for kitty stuff.

I must stop buying buttons, it is so difficult though. I think I am addicted to buttons just like I am addicted to cadburys chocolate covered popcorn.

I received my Jubilee swap package from Miss Rayne
The swap was organised by Faith Hope and Charity Shopping and it is the first one I have been a part of.
I was most pleased with these amazing fabric dyes in the most perfect colours.

I am going to get started with these little beauties on Monday and do a bit of doilie colouring and maybe my crochet cushions.....ooh the mind boggles with dye opportunities.

I also got this little Spanish Garden teapot.

It is tiny and perfect.

I have made some nice summery cushions this week to try and lure the sun out and scare the b****y rain away.

The yellow flowery cushion is made from a piece of towelling that I purchased for 50p from my local charity shop and the green floral cushion is another bit of fabric from Mrs Teawagon...she is the queen of the vintage sheet don't you know!

I treated my self to this plate.
I suddenly felt the urge to own some Jubilee memorabilia. I have got quite carried away with the whole thing via the excellent TV coverage and have found myself to be a bit of a Royalist after all.

It was from John Lewis and was a very reasonable £7 (I think).

Guess what Mr Betty and I added to our bedroom this week, no it is not fluffy handcuffs, it is actually this.

My very own, long awaited for, dressing table of muchas delight.
It needs a good paint job but I am ever so pleased with it. I have put things in the drawers, hair stuff, scarves and such like. I have my make up and nail polishes at easy reach and I am looking forward to 'putting my face on' tonight using the biggest round mirror I have ever seen.

Mr Betty and I are dining out this eve with Mr Other Oooh Betty and Mrs Other Oooh Betty....whoop!

I thought that I should take a few more pics of our bedroom whilst I had my camera poised.

No, I don't iron my sheets....

Too many house books.

And I share picture of the kitties looking particularly adorable.

Don't be fooled though, they are still as evil as they ever were.

Tonight I will mostly be.......GOING OUT....whoop!

Thanks for reading. X

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  1. Glad you like the 'stuff'
    Miss Rayne

  2. Your Kitties are adorable! funny how they can be so evil, Mary is the same! she gets so easily annoyed, all i want to do is give her a stroke! and she's like DON'T TOUCH ME!! I love your dressing table! Have a fun night!

  3. Your blog makes me smile a lot. I think I found you via teawagon tales, loving your kitties too, think I'll have to order one for a present to send over to the USA

    1. Hi, just got home, slightly tiddly. I will be checking out your blog in the morn with my cuppa. Xxx

    2. Hope your tiddliness has passed.....without the dreaded headache! xx

  4. Those little dyes made my heart skip a beat...lovely colours and what a fab idea to make coloured doilies, have a lovely night out Mrs Betty xxxxx

    1. Jane, I have 2 of each so I will share them with you, part of our swap. Xxx

  5. Those buttons are bloomin' gorgeous! I'd have snapped them up too. Your room looks lovely, I'm so happy for you that you've finally got the dressing table you'd wanted :) It's a beauty! XO.

  6. What lovely goodies! And I love your kitties! I had a super bundle of joy from my Swap partner in Australia. You can read about it at

  7. well I never saw you post about this on I had to come looking for it! don't think it came up on my blog feed either (gremlins).
    Loving all the new kitties - did you get my tweet re: kitty for Eve?
    I didn't venture to the 'not so local to me' car boot on sunday as rain and cloud put me off (plus I slept in til 9 -practically unheard of!) Hoping for good weather this weekend.
    Have a lovely week applying make-up in fronot of beautiful new dressing table

  8. Hello Sarah, yes I did get your tweet, shall I bring Eves kitty to Magpies? Will you be going?
    I don't even think the carboot would have been on to be honest but I am going to do a Carboot this Sunday at Altrincham, I will be clearing all my vintage stuff as I want a new start with it all.
    Anyhows, how are you? I will tweet you later.
    I think we need to do coffe some time as we never get enough chance to chat at the fairs. Xx

    1. I will deffo be at magpies, where are you 'booting' on sunday....I asked permission from OH if I could shop from your boot and he said yes....sometimes I think he just says yes so I will stop talking!
      I am fine apart from my neighbour who is on a mission to hate my beloved pups, so the more distration I have with 'handmade & vintage' the better.
      Yes, coffee is always a good idea!

  9. Glad you had a good swap - I love the teapot especially, it's such a great pattern. I'm another collector of home-y type coffee table books - have way too many but I can't resist them!