Monday, 25 June 2012

New kitties and a fabby thrifty find.

This week I am doing quite well, 2 posts already.
Today I have been listing some new kitties, Mr Betty let me use his super duper computer. He was huffing quite a bit though. He huffed even more when I used some of his 'big envelopes'.

I have now moved away from Mr Bettys office area and I am safely tucked away in my favourite corner.
I have been attempting to make some new kitties so that they resemble certain breeds.
Here are my Orientals/ Siamese.

I have used rather a lot of artistic license with these but I quite like their little faces.
So that's Penny, Susie and Priscilla.

I also made some tabbies.

Jinty and Mimi, I may do some more little shawls in the future. I quite enjoyed making this one and it is a good use of some of my button collection.....I've gotta do summat with them!

And I felt the need to do a boy cat.

This is Freddie and he is a British Short Hair and I think they call them Blues?
My mum has been going for it on the kitty jumper knitting and is now making all sorts. Freddie has a cool hoodie and she has been making many variations of girl kitty sweaters. My mum is a legend!

I have listed the above kitties here along with a few more. Have a mooch and tell me what you think :)

Today I just 'popped' into my favouritist local charity shop and I found this.

I absolutely love this. It is a 1975 crown ducal coffe percolator.
Will I percolate in it? Probably not. I shall just gaze at it.
I am mad for Folk design at the moment and I will be looking out for more of it on my travels.
I paid £8 for it but I think that is ok for something that really makes you smile.

Tonight I will mostly be eating Chilli chicken and Fattoush, playing Cadoo and then watching Salvage Hunters.

Thanks for reading, tomorrow I am going on an adventure with Mrs Teawagon so there is no doubt in my mind that there will be plenty to blog about. X

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  1. Ohhh Betty - J'adore the coffee perculator!


  2. Those are so cute and gorgeous. Hope you had a great day with your friend, dee x

  3. Am thinking I need a boy cat to go with Katie...she is on my blog today :) And a very good find indeed...hope we see some things like this tomorrow xxxxx

  4. I would love you to make me a 'boy' cat. His name would need to be dodger though.....could you do that....also if I sent a picture to you would that be ok....not looking for a replica of course xx

    1. I would flippin love to make a boy kitty for you.
      Send me a pic and then I will do my bestest.
      Btw....theres nowt wrong with a replica. When we lost our beloved Perry Mr Betty got me 2 replicas. We now have Billy and Lola!
      I will look forward to seeing Dodger (brill name). Xxx

  5. Love you!! Its for my Son and his girlfriend in the USA......a surprise xxx It's there kitten which they adore!

  6. The kittens are just adorable!! So cute :)
    Lovin the coffee percolator as well...
    Magie x

  7. Ooohh, so happy to have found your blog and these amazing little kitties, love them, cutalicious! Buy that perculator its so cool, the naive pattern is just right now. I have a similar one and use it often. I love vintage and retro, my latest project being a fibro beach house renovation. I do hope you pop on over and say hello.
    Ps what a rad mum doing all that kitty knitten.