Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Shopping with Mrs Teawagon and a few other thingy majiggys.

I'm back with my third post of the week, always a good sign of a happy, fruitful week.

Yesterday saw me 'on the road' with my lovely friend Mrs Teawagon.
Before we even set sail we had exchanged little paper bags of treasure....I was most pleased to add one of her special matchboxes to my own matchbox collection (I had admired them in her shed only days earlier).

It was full of buttons too.....perfect!

We both did very well during our shopping expedition.
I purchased 2 sewing boxes. I will be saving the cantilever box for my workroom. Mr Betty may be on the verge of treating me to a shed (fingers crossed).
The little pink one needs relining but it is a great size for transporting essential stitching items into the garden or up the stairs for a bit of bedtime crafting.

I also added another birdie to my china aviary.

This one is teeny and I love it.

Remember the other day when I shared a pic of my first bit of Royal memorabilia? Well.....
I have a new hobby/collection developing. I have visions of a large collection in my soon to be new kitchen.

I am thinking hooks, plate rack, the whole caboodle in fact. Has anyone else been affected in this way by all the recent Royal celebrations, please speak up!

Just today I have bought a couple of nice things too.

I found this rather pretty vintage sheet for 50 pence.

And this pretty hinged tin that I paid a pound for. My tin addiction problems are still rife.

I forgot to mention this recent find.

Not like me to keep new additions to myself??
I think I had struggled to find a place for it in my 'house at the end of the runway' and therefore forgot to take a pic etc.
It is a lobster pot stool in rather a shabby condition but I am already rather fond of it.
I did have one a while back but it had a bad case of woodworm and had to meet it's maker in our wood burner (it is a painful memory as you can imagine).

I sit in this here chair, with my feet up, when I watch TV. My TV is the smallest TV in the world and I am short sighted...bad combination. I have to sit with my nose up against the screen (slightly exaggerating).

Tonight I will mostly be joining a Pilates class with 'other Oooh Betty'. My aim is to gain the posture of a ballerina and the body of a porn star. It could take a while.
Thanks for reading. X

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  1. Ooh lovely finds! I've got one of those wooden cantilever (didn't know that's what they were called) sewing boxes, it's great, holds loads of stuff. Why do people get rid of these lovely things? I'm very glad they do though! Have a lovely evening at Pilates xxx

  2. I'm jealous of your sewing boxes! I really want a canteliver one but the pink and mint green is so pretty too! XO.

  3. Hee - i too would like the body of a porn start - however I fall under the big beautiful women category - so I guess that counts????

    Love the post - and absolutly head of heels for the china birds!

    Kate xxx

  4. Ooh Mrs Betty I just love those birds Julie xxx

  5. Lush finds here Emma! No time for me to blog this week as I'm on day shifts on a course ( beats working the night shifts though). I'll be blogging at the weekend. xxx

  6. Jane mentioned you on her blog, so I popped on over to say hello. Now I'll need to read back a bit and catch up with your tales. Love your finds.

    Yoga would probably do me at the mo as I've hurt my back so I have the posture of an incontinent old woman and the physique of road kill. If it works for you then I'll be pleased to read about it.