Thursday, 28 June 2012

A few custom order kitties.

Hello, just a quick post today.
I have been at home today busy catching up on things I needed to catch up on. Drinking tea, watching programs involving auctions and making some kitties for custom orders.

Rusty and Pinkie are off to France.

They are going to sisters in Boulogne....lucky devils.

This kitty is called Merete.

This is going to a little girl called Eve who loves pink.
I think I love the White kitties the most.

This little fella is called Dodger.

There is a possibility, all being well, that Dodger could be on his way to America. Very exciting!

Dodger is a real kitty too. My new blog friend Heather over at Hoots Cove has asked me to make this kitty for her son who she misses terribly.

How flippin cute is the real Dodger.....makes me want another kitten ;)
Don't panic Mr Betty, I'm only kidding.

If anyone would like a custom kitty just ask. There is no commitment to buy, I love making them.
I have added a few new kitties to my shop too, you can find them here.

Tonight I will be eating Pizza Express Pizza (Padana if you're asking) with rocket salad.
I will be drinking tea and hoping Billy catches the fly he has been chasing for the last 2 hours.....he is exhausted.

Thanks for reading. X

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  1. Dodger is great and youv'e caught the expression lovely in your kitty, the world's your oyster now for your kittys, there great. Julie xxx

  2. Hiya Mrs Betty,
    Aww beautiful kitty...
    Your two are going to a fab home, I am sure!!
    They are travelling further than us this year for holidays, lucky them!!
    Maria x

  3. this post has made me cry xxx