Friday, 6 July 2012

Easy Ironing, Easy Baking and Easy Living.

Sorry about my lapse in blogging, I am such a lazy Miss Daisy.
I have had carpets fitted this week which left my house in carnage and my head up my a**e, I cope very poorly with any form of disruption and the placement of a 'large screen tv' into my best room was enough to start my eye a twitching.

I am relieved to report that Biggest sons room is now finished. I have taken a couple of pics for you. It is a teenage pad so please don't expect Emily Chalmers or Country Living coz that it is most definitely not.
Biggest son is over the moon. His new room combined with a rather lovely Mum/Son trip into town has made him look at me with love in his eyes (all you mothers of teenagers will appreciate the rarity of these moments).
Anyhows, here are the pics.

I am well aware that it will not look like this for very long. I haven't been in there today, I just want to pretend it is still perfect for a little bit longer. I can guarantee there will be a pair of grundies on the new carpet!

I have added a few more vintage trims to my stock this week. They are brand new but old if you catch my drift and really pretty.

I have already started to prepare stuff for the Magpies and I Fair.

I will be taking (and hopefully selling) my new trims to the fair along with some new kitties and a few surprises!

Talking of kitties, I have been happily making kitty outfits today.

As you all know, my mum (the knitting legend) makes all the kitty sweaters. I used to crochet little vests but since mother got involved my attempts just don't compare.
Mother and I are loving making the mini clothes and I now have more clothes than kitties!
They are rather fun and easy to iron too.....far more pleasant than the 15 white school shirts I have to endure of a weekend ;)

Yesterday I had the most enjoyable of days.
I met up with Jane of Little Teawagon and Vanessa of Den at Beechwood. We met at an amazing little cafe in Chorlton called 'On the Corner'.

It is a record store/juice cafe and the food is ace.
The decor is to die for, Formica tables, vintage fabric lampshades, old mismatched chairs......just pretty perfect really.
I could of sat there, quite happily, til dark.
Janes friend joined us, her name is Verity and she is lovely. She makes and sells the most fabby cake mixes that come in boxes that the mix can actually be baked in.....genius!
I was very lucky to come home with a chocolate cake mix and a fruit cake mix. Obviously, being the eager beaver that I am, I had to make the cakes the second I got up this morn.

Being the cake obsessed person that I am and wrapped up in the excitement of the event I forgot to take a pic of the packaging in it's complete state but this gives an idea.
They were so simple to make and, Brucie bonus, no mess was created.

My boys of three have already demolished the choccie cake and they loved it.
Mr Betty and I will be having the fruit cake for supper. I will report back tomorrow( pics included).
You can find Verity and her Ivy Bell cake boxes here. If you discover that her cakes will be making an appearance at a local event, go and buy one and I can guarantee cakey satisfaction and a lovely cakey smelling kitchen.......yummy.

I also came home with some new vintage wallpaper.

A gift from Vanessa. How happy was I.

I also got a bit of Granny wallpaper from Jane and I have already used some in my little red wall cabinet.

And I have made some additions to my Royal mug collection.

So I am rather happy with my little corner right now.

Last night I was invited to 'OOB' house for a Jamie Oliver party. I took Mother.
We had a lovely time. I ordered a prezzie for my friend Mic and a little treat for myself of the tin variety (I am so predictable).
We drank Pimms and ate olives.

This weekend should be rather a nice affair. Jumble sale tomorrow day, friends for takeout in the evening.
Sunday will see me visiting the Vintage Village in Stockport. I am sad not to be selling but I have not managed to get myself organised this month. I will be taking a baby gift for
Mr and Mrs Mod Cons and making some purchases no doubt.

Tonight I will mostly be collecting some vintage stools (more info coming soon), drinking tea and making something out of fabric.
In the words of The Terminator....'I'll be back'
Thanks for reading. X
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  1. Ooh you have been busy! Teenage son's room looks fab (I remember roasting myself with Bergasol in the 80's) cakes look lovely and that cafe is adorable. Looking forward to what you do with vintage wallpaper .... Enjoy your weekend, hope the sun shines for you! Claire xxx

  2. Loving the new Kitty clothes, I'll be visiting the village this Sunday so I might just see you there too!
    Your lads room is cool, did he design that himself? It's good to seen your Royal collection growing
    Have a great weekend Heather x

  3. Love the teenage sons room, we are decorating the girls room in the hols with one at 17 and one 10 it will be a battle of wills!

    I am trying to talk Mr KE to take me to the fair on Sunday but it is not looking promising... may have to get the train which will limit my buying! Think that maybe his plan as he says we have too much stuff as it is ;o)

  4. Hi Emma, thanks for following my blog, I love yours! Also love the look of those cakes, and that cafe. And those wallpapers!

    I've got 2 boys - 2 and 7 years old - it's good to get a glimpse of my 'Mum of teenagers' future and see it's not too scary - but Grundies! What a great word.

    Looking forward to seeing what you find at the Vintage Village, hope you have fun! Rachel :)