Monday, 9 July 2012

Recent Vintage Finds

Well, I didn't manage to make it to the Vintage Village on Sunday. For reasons I should maybe keep to myself I was unable to go and I was gutted. Not only did I have a bit of money to spend but I was also looking forward to meeting my lovely friends.
Anyhows, I am not one to maudle and I do still have some recent purchases/finds to share.

Last week we had a lady visit our 'house at the end of the runway' with the task of designing us a new, more functional kitchen. We are very happy with the design and we will be ordering it tomorrow.
We will be buying from Ikea and if we are unable to get the interest free offer we will be forced to put up with our existing kitchen for a while longer (possibly til the day we die).
With this in mind I have been a bit premature in purchasing the most amazing wallpaper. It is Graham and Brown, wipe clean and fab.

If the kitchen idea flops then I am sure I will find it an alternative purpose within my house.

I bought this umbrella stand from the Jumble for 50p.

It is in need of some serious restoration but I am up for the job as soon as I have completed 2 stools and a chest of drawers (probably be in time for Christmas then).

I also stumbled upon 3 very kitsch pictures.

I actually dislike these truth be told but at 50p each what was I to do.

And the most common of Dallas Simpson pics, again, 50p.
I bought the buttons too, close up they are pretty pretty.

Yet another vanity case! This is a really nice one, rectangular, with key and a lovely interior.

That is moi in the mirror. I am holding my camera in a very delicate fashion.

Lastly, cheapestly (made up word alert) and most pleased withly are these beauties.

How often does one stumble upon 1 or even 2 vintage greeting cards?
I couldn't believe my luck when I discovered all these.
I am debating whether I should sell these bobby dazzlers or just hug them to my chest for a few months. Any opinions on this debate welcome ;)

Well, I think that be about it for the time being. Wish me luck with the finance/kitchen sitch tomorrow.

This eve I will mostly be eating chilli prawn noodles, drinking lemonade and upholstering 2 stools, sanding a chest of drawers and restoring an atomic umbrella stand. I won't really be partaking in the last 3 tasks. I will actually be lay on the sofa eating the rest of my homemade cheesecake......ummmm

Thanks for reading. X

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  1. Fantastic umbrella stand! You'll have to purchase lots of tall umbrellas and walking sticks to put in it!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog - pleased to have found yours too.

  2. Maudle is going to be my word of the week ... I will drop it into conversation as often as I can ... love the vanity case, have been keeping a beady eye out for one for ages, but no such luck as yet! Have a lovely week, Claire xxx

  3. hope alls ok now...x now you know I would take those very lovely cards off your hands when you are ready to give them up :)
    x x x x x x x

  4. I love those cards sooooo much! I think you should keep them personally becasue they are treasure! but let me kow if you sell them!

    xxxx kate xxx

  5. Love that brolly stand- perfect for all this rain and dripping umbrellas! xxx