Wednesday, 11 July 2012

A Pepper, A Bit Of Sun and a Daisy Stool.

We have sun!!
Only since about 3 this aft but nevertheless it has bought a smile to my face.

It has to be said that this funny weather we are experiencing is doing all my plants the world of good.

.....and I even have a pepper dingle dangling from my pepper plant.

You need to look carefully mind.

I have just completed a stool re-cover project. I only purchased this fabric today so I have done pretty well (if I do say so myself).
The fabric was a vintage table cloth and I am really pleased with it.

This will be appearing at my stall in Altrincham. If I can bear to part with it ;)

I am just waiting for some more fabric to arrive so I can do another stool I have recently acquired. The other stool is a rectangular shape and I will be sure to show you the finished item.

I have also been making some boxes for my kitties today.
As you know, I give the boxes a retro feel by backing them with retro wallpaper. What I do is this, I place 3 contrasting pieces of vintage wallpaper together on the scanner and I print out on to recycled card. I had loads of off cuts of the aforementioned card and decided I should do something nice with them (being a recycling, thrifty lunatic).

I decided to make funky gift tags. What do you think?
I will package them nicely and then have a think what to do with them.

I am doing my first day of volunteer work at the local charity shop tomorrow. I am looking forward to it as you can imagine. It is a shop that I visit every day as it is en-route to littlests school.
It is a Beechwood Cancer Care shop and it is brilliant.

I am in the throws of discovering a bit about my ancestors at the moment. I have no knowledge of my fathers side of the family, in particular his dad. He never met him.
I have a helper by the name of Alan, he is helping me via email. Turns out, his gran was my granddads sister.....I am still trying to work out our relationship title??

The next couple of blog posts, all being well, will be fair related. I won't give too much away as I know of a few peeps that will be visiting.
Mabel and Bean, I have new trims.
Little Teawagon, I have 2 new boy kitties.
Den at Beechwood, I have a present for your gorgeous girl.
Other Oooh Betty, can you bring me a coffee?

Tonight I will mostly be, making kitty bags, drinking tea and eating cadburys fruit and nut (bikini body plan=complete flop).
Thanks for reading. X

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  1. Great Cousins? Or Cousins once removed? If his Gran was your Granddads sister then one of his parents was your parents cousin!
    Love the stool btw!


  2. Great to see you volunteering. Charity shops alwasy need someone even if it's only a few hours a week. Kitty has not left the country yet xx Have a great week Heather xx
    P.S Love the gift tags....I'm making some too