Thursday, 12 July 2012

Charity shop shenanigans

I have just done my first day (half day to be truthful) of volunteer work at the local Beechwood charity shop.
My task today was to sort out the donation bags. This involved gloves, bins and common sense.
Lots of donated stuff is rubbish but it does at least go to the rag man rather than joining our serious landfill overload.
Shoes that are in a poor state also go to the rag man, I think a lot of them go to third world countries. The clothes that are considered saleable have to be in perfect condition and preferably are a descent brand ie, M&S. The whole process is rather impressive and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.....tagging and pricing being my fave bit.

Anyhows, I know what you are all thinking. You are all thinking that I became distracted from my important sorting role and ended up buying very dare you!!

I may have come home with a couple of things.....

This is a laundry bag of the hanging variety. I love the graphics to be honest, who can resist an owl and a squirrel?

And then there was this....

Oh my, is it not the nicest retro deck chair ever?
It is in such good condition and the pattern is perfect. Because I already have plenty of deck chairs I may just sell this one but at the moment I need more time to think about such a serious matter ;)

I am working at the shop again on Wednesday and for a full day might I add. I am hoping to make it a permanent thing.

Tonight I will be having an early night which will mostly involve a cuppa tea and a book.
Thanks for reading. X

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Location:Beechwood, Heald Green


  1. What lovely finds! The fabric that the pegbag is made from is called Sherwood, I've got some in a different colourway (sorry I am a total fabric geek, it's an affliction!). It's so lovely, I made some cushion covers out of it and they sold like hot cakes. I volunteered in a charity shop years ago, I always brought something home at the end of the day! Hope you enjoy your early night. Rachel x

    1. Hi Rachel, thanks for the fabric info. It is always nice to know the name and I will probably be on the search for the different colourways now.
      Yes, charity shop work is good in many ways it has to be said. I am already looking forward to next week.
      Emma. X

  2. Oh you lucky thing, who knows what you will find in the bottom of a bag, I suppose there might be undesirable things sometimes but then you might find the most wonderful things, like today, glad you enjoyed yourself. Julie xxx

  3. Hello,
    how very rewarding doing this type of work, for the shop and you! hehe..
    Loved that owl peg bag!
    Who could part with this, I wonder!
    My besty friend, did voluntarily work in 'the cancer research shop for ages too.
    she always found such great treasure..
    Have a Friday of loveliness..
    maria x

  4. I love your finds..I can't blame you for wanting to take those lovelies home. I just adore the retro deck chair..all we need is a little bit more of the sunshine now! :)

    1. Hi, i can guarantee that I will be coming home with at least one thing a week from the charity shop, it is all for a good cause........maybe not for my marriage ;)
      Do you have a blog?
      Going to check and follow now.
      Emma. X

  5. phew....finally on the 'big' computer! My gran had the very same deckchairs - pity I don't still have the girly figure to match! ha ha.
    Am ever so slightly jealous of your 'first dibs' on any good finds :)

  6. Great finds! It's amazing what you can find in charity shops sometimes and it's amazing to see what some people choose to donate. Some if it is admitedly complete rubbish and you wonder who on earth would think it worth donating, whilst some of it is absolute treasure and you can't imagine people wanting to throw it away!
    I hope you don't mid me asking, but I've noticed you do a lot of posting from your ipad. What app do you use? Or do you just post as normal through the website on your ipad?

    1. Hi, don't mind you asking in the least. I always blog from my IPad as Mr Betty does not like me going near his IMac.....miserable sod!
      I have the IPad 1 and I use the Blogpress app. It is simple but the photo uploading is quite tricky. I have to have small pics on my blog as I have yet to master the technique of making the pics larger without them looking blurry.
      Let me know if you have any luck with that.
      I suppose it is an easy and quick way to blog so I will stick with it.
      I am going to bob over and follow your blog now.
      Emma. X

  7. You have gone all white.....but I like it, more you! I will be making some BIG decisions very soon and CS work is on my agenda. xxx