Friday, 20 July 2012

A filing cabinet of sorts.

We are in chaos. My dishwasher has left for a new home as has my cooker.
Things have been forced out into the wet garden and I can't find my spoons anywhere (they may be in the garden too).
Today is kitchen delivery day so I am off to have my hair done, by way of celebration of new kitchen of course.

Yesterday was a full on day of cleaning, I was knee deep in grease.
I took a break at around 2pm to have a coffee and do something nice, it can't be all work and no play for goodness sake.

I decided that my desk had become too cluttered of late. I reached this realisation when I found myself working at the kitchen table as I just had no room for cutting, sticking and other such lovely pastimes that take place at ones desk.

I picked up a little chest of drawers from a local second hand furniture place (tis a secret location). I paid 4 pounds for it and I knew it's future place in life straight away.

Perfect for bits and bobs.

And just like a desk side filing cabinet don't you think.

I used some wonderful vintage paper that I recently recieved from my good friend Vanessa.
I applied layers of Mod Podge (what did we do before Mod Pogde?).

And my desk is now spacious as spacious can be.

What is that there letter I hear you ask....

I will tell you.
It is the most loveliest letter from my new friend Eve.
Things like this make the ups and downs of a crafty life worthwhile.

Tonight I will mostly be eating uncooked food and hoping the new kitchen is worth a few days of upheaval. Of course it is :)

Thanks for reading. X

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Location:Next to my desk.


  1. It will all be worth it in the end ... can't wait to see results! Love the little cupboard, looks perfect where you've put it. Have a fab weeekend, Claire xx

  2. Little cupboard looks very cute...Hope your days of kitchen chaos are over soon...looking forward to seeing It xxxx

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  4. The little cupboard looks pretty fantastic if you ask me, love the vintage paper you have used on it and it must be brilliant to have almost your whole desk clear to work on! :-)

    Cannot wait to see some sneaky peeks of the new kitchen. A little upheaval and lack of baking/cooking facilities may necessitate a naughty trip or two to the bakery and the takeaway methinks?! ;-)

    Jem xXx

  5. wow miss organised! I am gtting a new bed delivered and I have bagsied all the space underneath it to store everything!



  6. Loving your pink sewing machine!

  7. What a lovely letter(!)

    Oooooh the hassle of new kitchens - I remember living off a microwave and bread bin in the hallway for a whole week...hell on earth! Will be soooo worth it tho - can't wait to see pics.
    Now a word from your new friend..

    "I think to myself that I am very famous, thankyou for putting me on the computer. See you very soon xx"

  8. just a quick note to let you know. The kitty flight has been delayed until next week due to him having a number of other packages to go with him.....I'll keep you posted on his travels and when he lands......he will be all over the web! Your drawers are rather nice.....I too love the secret location shops ;-)Have a great weekend......Heather xxx