Wednesday, 18 July 2012

I actually did this post yesterday but as I came to the 'publish' stage the whole thing vanished into an abyss and has not been seen or heard of since.
As you can probably imagine, I took this in a calm manner and didn't say a word beginning with F or S once.
I am now going to do the same post but with less content and I will be huffing all the way through it...imagine me huffing after every pic and every paragraph if you will.

Well, I had a good day at the fair. Lots of people visited me. Here are some pics.

Brief, I just can't repeat the same things for a second get the picture I am sure.

Tonight I am pooped after a full day at the charity shop. It is such hard work, I didn't even stop for lunch.
I actually really like it even if it is a little bit frustrating. Just as you get to the bottom of the pile somebody arrives with more piles, bit like my laundry basket at home really.

I forgot to tell you, the kitchen is going ahead. It is being delivered on Friday and the install begins on Monday.
I have loads of prep to do before Monday, just need to stop dithering around and get on with it.
I will be back in the next couple of days with kitchen finishing touch ideas and I may need some help with decision making, will you be able to help??

Tonight I will be eating prawns, that is far as my plans have got.
Thanks for reading. X

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  1. That happened to me once and it's so annoying after all hard work, and impossible to do it again the same! It couldn't be in your drafts could it ... Just a suggestion. Love your pictures and glad you had nice time at fair. Xxx

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  3. Your stall looks amazing, I would NEVER have been able to walk past that!xx