Friday, 3 August 2012

Holiday Thrifty Treasure.

Hello again!
Yes, I did go a thrifting whilst on my jollies.
I didn't go mad, I didn't have enough time or freedom to be honest.
The pressure is quite extreme when 5 men are hanging around waiting on ones return.

This aside, I was rather pleased with my little stash of goodies. I will share them in the order that they became mine, if that is ok?
It is a rather eclectic selection but that is nowt new as you know.

My first 'show and tell' item is a 60s UNEEDME doll of very handsome proportions.
She stands 15" tall and has the most trendy of outfits.

She also has open/shut eyes and lovely shiney red shoes.
Am I mad? Would you have bought her?

My second item, purchased in the same swoop, is this rather kitsch, children's breakfast set.

There are few people I know that are not partial to a fawn or two. Mr Betty is neither here nor there but I know us girls go weak for a bambi.
It has no special make but I think it would make the perfect gift for a Vintage baby.

Item number 3 is some fabric, hoorah!

Already laundered and out to dry.
It is a tablecloth I assume, but I am thinking cushions, wall hanging, who knows.

Whilst on the subject but of rather a differing stylie, I also thrifted 3, rather scrummy, fringed panels. Probably chair arm protectors but ideal for little projects.

This little number can also swing into the fabric category I suppose.....

A rather sweet vintage tabard made from lovely flowery fabric.

I have not yet decided whether I will wear the tabard whilst running my stall (things can get a bit dusty!) or use the fabric for a project....never rush into a project involving vintage fabric until one has hugged it and stared at it for at least a week. That is my moto. (I only just came up with it).

Lastly, and somebody really must stop me.....

Sooner rather than later....
Vintage Royal mugs or more specifically, Queen mugs. I just love em!
My plan is this. When I have my shelves, adorning the freshly painted walls of my kitchen, I will display, and use might I add, all of my collection.
I think they are so colourful and pretty. Do you think I have lost my marbles?
Mr Betty does ;)

Onto non thrifty news.
I returned home from my jollies to a lovely surprise.

Yay, the latest edition of Mollie Makes along with a free crochet hook and my subscription gift of a bundle of fabric.
So, tonight I will mostly be reading aforementioned mag, rubbing aforementioned fabric bundle on my cheek and making some kitties to fill all of these.

I think my legend of a mother has been busy whilst we have been away.

Thanks for reading. I am glad to be back in blog land and I will be posting fair news in the coming week as I have Vintage Village next Sunday.....Whoop!!
X x x

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Location:Various thrift shops in North Wales.

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