Friday, 3 August 2012

Just back!

How I have missed this :(
I have just spent a wonderful week in a lodge on the banks of a river in Wales so I have not been pining too much.
Our lodge was super plush and we were gifted the holiday for free, Mr Betty helped out the guy who owns the park and this was his way of saying thanks....we are soooo lucky.
We had a sauna, 3 lovely bedrooms, a decked balcony, a spa, all the mod cons and a reet swanky living room with log burner and squidgy sofas a plenty.

Our holiday clan consisted of Moi and 5 of my most favourite men/boys.

Mr Betty (proper fitty in his motor car swim shorts), littlest, middle and largest sons and my little Bro........perfect.
Colin Firth (my sixth fave man) was invited but he had, in his words, "bigger fish to fry".

There was a car museum which I thought would be all blokey although I do like the odd Morris Minor.

But it wasn't :)

There was a very neglected, old style playground.
Do you remember these old horse rides?

A search for Prince Wills. Not my seventh fave man but if he were to do a fly by, spot me from above, fall in love with me, ask me to be queen, I would, in all honesty, have a good think about it ;)

A rather strange looking wild kitty.

And beautiful views a plenty.

We swam, paddled, sunbathed, ate (a lot), drank (quite a bit), played pool and laughed non stop.

I have so much to say but it will have to come out in dribs and drabs over the next few days.

Now, please, please don't panic!
I know you are all angst ridden as I have not once mentioned any thrifting.
Come on, as if.......
Give me ten mins and pop back, all will be revealed.

- Posted using IPad and half my brain.


  1. Looks gorgeous!! V glad you're back - have missed your postings :)

  2. Welcome back! Looks great, and the sun shone ... perfect! xxx