Thursday, 9 August 2012

Snippets of my new kitchen.

We are very nearly there with our kitchen makeover marathon. The tiler came today and I can't say what a difference the tiles have made.
Also, Mr Betty picked up my 'new to me' table and we both worked hard today with it's makeover.
All my favourite bits and bobs are out (not my rude bits, that would be unhygienic) and I have fallen in love with them all over again (again, not my rude bits).

I am going to enjoy all the finishing touches now.
I am looking forward to choosing some artwork, I really want a bench seat of some description and I WILL put some shelves up in the next few days.

I hope you like my kitchen so far.
There will be plenty more pics I am sure.

Also, whilst I had my White paint to hand, I decided to press on with my little project.
It started with a tip off from 'Other Oooh Betty' about a little house shaped shelf unit at a local junk shop and it ended today as I Mod Podged the final piece of wallpaper in it's little roof space.

Sorry the pics are a bit questionable, I have been rushing too much.
I am very happy with it and I may take it to the fair on Sunday for display purposes.

I hope you are all enjoying the sun, I have managed to do quite a bit of painting tables etc whilst also enjoying the outdoors.

Anyone else in the middle of a room makeover?

Tonight I will mostly be eating soup.....Mr Betty and I are in the throws of a strange diet that was on TV. It involves 5 days of eating whatever one fancies and 2 days of fasting. I will explain more when I am not on a 'fasting day'. I am too hungry to think straight ;)

Thanks for reading. X

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  1. Kitchen is looking good....we watched the diet too and some of my people are doing it too. I ADORE THE HOUSE AND NEED ONE!

  2. Sometimes I wonder what planet I'm on....HOW did I not know you were here? What a great blog, right up my is fantastic too....all your retro gear will look fab in it! Ada :)

  3. Your kitchen looks fab :-). Me and my other half are doing that fasting thingy too. I share your hunger lol. Today was one of our fasting days...good luck with it all.

  4. Its looking really good, cant wait to see the whole thing unveiled!!

  5. love those brick shaped tiles, and a fab colour too.

  6. Kitchen is looking fabulous I love your stuff.
    I recorded that programme so I will have a look at it later. X

  7. Your kitchen looks lovely ... I'm very envious, mine's the size of a roasting tin! Good luck with the diet ... I'm intrigued! xx

  8. It's all looking lovely, hope you keep your bits hidden tomorrow:)
    x x x

  9. Ohh! You've got some lovely bits!! x

  10. That’s great progress, Emma. I saw what your kitchen looked like sans the tiles and white paint. The kitchen now looks a lot brighter! I think that’s better, since you have a lot of colorful china. I can’t quite get a complete picture of your kitchen, so I’m kind of curious as to where you placed the shelves. I bet you’re done with the finishing touches now, so congratulations!

    Kristopher Diss

    1. Hi, no shelves as yet.....I like to take my time and I have been a bit distracted by my new caravan.
      I will take some better pics and do an kitchen update post.
      Thanks Kristopher.

  11. The kitchen does look great! But I wish you posted more pictures of your kitchen before you started with the remodeling so that we can compare the old and new look. Anyway, have you gotten the bench seats? I think having them is a good idea. When they are not in use, you can just slide them out of the way under the table, so that there would be more space in your kitchen.

    Chase Conely

  12. Those are really cute pieces for your kitchen! :) Oh, and you have nice wood flooring. To maintain it in good condition, you should never use any cleaners that are manufactured for other surfaces such as linoleum or tile, as it may cause the wood to deteriorate or become slippery.

    Cody Carini