Wednesday, 8 August 2012

A very handy stool.

When choosing my new kitchen (did I mention I was having a new kitchen?), I thought tall cupboards would be a grand idea. Storage, as everyone knows is essential especially when one keeps buying more kitchenalia whilst getting rid of very little.
There are some things that one only uses on rare occasions.I am referring to items like sandwich toaster, fondue, corn know what I am talking about.

I like my new tall cupboards I really do, only problem being that I am unable to reach said cupboards. I knew I had to find a solution, and fast!

Purchased from EBay for a meagre £15. Collected last night by the in-laws.
Already topped with a pretty piece of oil cloth.
Lovely fold out wooden steps.
Perfect indeed.

This is me in action. I am of an athletic nature don't you know (yeah yeah).
This afternoon I am sanding and undercoating something rather special. Depending on how far I get with the project I will be back later.
More fair stuff to come too.

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Still a few days to go til the draw. X

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Location:My kitchen (earlier life, kitchen in Warrington).


  1. You have made it look lovely, a real bargain, I have a little footstall in my kitchen, so I can reach!
    Thea x

  2. Ho hum I should have said Footsool
    Thea x