Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Vintage Village Stockport

This week is all about the fair on Sunday.
Luckily I have my organising head on and I am also feeling rather crafty.

Anyone fancy a set of matching Liberty-esque luggage ?
The set includes a rather posh vanity case and a weekend case, perfect for a mini break to gay Paris.....

What about a handy dandy retro serving tray.
This tray has a rather useful rattan rim, you know the type. Perfect for anyone with a slightly unsteady hand.

I will be back later today (god willing) with some more fair snippets.
I am now off to do a bit of sorting at the charity shop. I spotted yesterday that there is a £1 sale underway, twill be utter carnage!
Wish me luck.

- Posted using IPad and half my brain.


  1. Love the luggage! Hope you can pick up some lovely treasures at the charity shop xx

  2. Sorry I can't get there, maybe next time. Can you keep an eye open for a leather writing case mine has fallen to bits. It looks like a mini suitcase and it's brown leather, colour doesn't matter though. Hope you have a good day.
    Lynn x x