Sunday, 5 August 2012

Thrifty Thursday (but on a Sunday).

This morn I decided to drag myself out of bed and go to my local carboot. I didn't go ridiculously early, that would be madness!
It was rather a quiet affair, rumour has it that another local booty site has doubled in size and all the hardened booters had took their chances there. I wasn't tempted, I had my first coffee and a toasted teacake on my mind.
I can't say I did brilliantly and I suppose most people may not bother to blog such paltry finds but I am one for sharing, can't help it.

Being that I am on the look out for any bright graphics for my new kitchen shelves (they are still but an idea) I couldn't resist this little Danish pin dish.

Anything involving turquoise, orange and flower shaped has me reaching into my penny purse.

I also bought this OXO tin. Bit predictable?

What about this box of matches to add to my smallish collection.

If only it were a would be perfect for my playroom wall.

Bit of haberdashery...

If wooden cotton reels are on offer at a good price I can never resist.
The gentleman selling the cottons had them displayed in the most amazing wooden drawers. Glass fronted, perfect amount of wear and tear and unfortunately not for sale. I will dream about that cabinet tonight, of that I am sure.

These are rather pretty.

Vintage fibre glass curtains. I am sadly allergic to fibre glass so these will be sold.
I love the big bold flowers and the 'in your face' turquoise colour.

My next item is maybe a bit odd but I am mad for them, always have been.
Think it goes back to when my Aunty Ruth bought me a playmobil camper van many moons ago. I just loved it.
This is on a slightly smaller scale but nevertheless rather adorable.

Just need to find the perfect towing vehicle now. I am thinking citroen 2CV but I doubt they come with a tow bar.

Nearly done now folks, only 2 more thingys.
Is anyone still with me at this point??

I paid a bit more than I would normally for these old postcards but I just had to have them.

I hope you can see from the pics that their skirts are all embroidered in lovely silk thread.
None of them have any scrawl to the back which is rather a bonus. Do you like them?

Lastly, most boringly, but always handy to carry ones stash.

This old suitcase requires some serious TLC and probably a fabric makeover.
One of the catches is a bit dodgy but I know a man that can sort that little prob out.....MR BETTY!!!

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  1. Some lovely finds there! My Mam used to make curtains and hated sewing fibreglass as she always got a rash on her arms! Love the little suitcase and recognise the Spanish dancer postcards from my childhood. Have lost my carboot mojo lately as the last ones I've been to haven't been very fruitful and some really good ones have been closed down ... have a lovely Sunday, Claire xx

  2. Im like you - sucker for wooden cotton reels!

  3. Hi Emma Danish pin dish, Owl matches and the them all and NEED them all. Dodger arrived in the USA this week to lots of ooo's and ahh's. I'll be blogging about him this week. Heather xx

  4. Well considering you said you didn't do so well I think you did great! I reeeally need to go down and search out some things for myself - I fear it will be winter before I have the funds :)
    I remember those postcards - had some myself. Loving the caravan wish it was life size.

  5. I think that's a great haul! Particularly love the pin dish and the owl matchbox. Haven't been car booting for ages, don't like taking the kids because the house just gets full of plastic tat that only gets played with for 5 minutes - but I do miss rummaging and finding those occasional little treasures! x

  6. I can't even begin to tell you how jealous I am of that camper! Great finds :)