Monday, 13 August 2012

Things that are making me smile and a winner.

How are you all?
I have had a super busy weekend. Church jumble sale on Saturday, Vintage Village on Sunday.
Both were as wonderful as always and I will bring you some pics of the fair tomorrow.

I haven't done a 'smile blog' in quite some time and as I am about to announce the winner of my giveaway, which is a guaranteed smile maker, I thought I should do one right now.

Firstly I must mention a certain person that definitely made me smile yesterday.
Cathy came all the way from Oswestry in Shropshire to visit the Vintage Village fair yesterday and to say hi. Thanks Cathy. X are my smiley things.

A jumble sale find. Part of a large collection of vintage cars that I snapped up as a gift for Mr Betty. I have kept this one for myself for obvious reasons.

Jumble sale find number 2.
A most perfect melamine jug in a lovely vibrant red colour. Really big size, perfect for custard!

My first attempt at this sort of pin cushion....please tell me if they have an official title??
These are far from perfect but I rather like them and I have them displayed on my fireplace.

My new (wonky) light shade. I have had the base for a long time but never managed to find the right shade. Resorting to eBay I eventually found this rather dandy one.

My spotty oilcloth. Bought for the makeover of my kitchen table, great for messy kids and messy mums. Tea in a teapot and cakes bought round by a lovely new friend.

Now, moving on, I have to mention the kitty's. Not my real rascally, scratchy kitty's....
In my thrifty world I was forever worried about the offcuts of felt that I was always left with after creating a new kitty. Not enough for a whole kitty, not really enough for much.....

I decided that I just had to go back to my old version of kitty and use up all my feltie scraps.
The first one is called Topsy and if she would be welcome I would like her to go and live with my little friend Eve.

Eve already has a kitty called Merete and I know that Eve is very concerned that Merete may be lonely. Also, Eve has a home schooling programme for all her dolls and I am rather keen that at least some of my kitty's get a decent education ;)
If Eves mum (Sarah) can send me her address I will pop her in the post before my jollies next week.

And now I must announce the winner of the giveaway and let Jill know where her new home will be. She has been very excited and has struggled to eat her sardines due to nerves.

The winner is Anne of 'marmalade and catmint'. Rather an apt blog name wouldn't you say.
Congrats Anne. I read your blog regularly so I know she is going to a lovely new home.
Send me your address and I will send Jill on her journey before my jolly hollies.

I will be giving away more kitty's in future as I love doing a giveaway.

Tonight I will mostly be drinking tea, eating a chocolate pot (the fasting was a disaster) and watching TV......ahhhh.
Thanks for reading. X

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  1. Oh Emma, I just know that Topsy will be so happy at the school - Eve read them nearly all of Flossie Teacake's Fur Coat the other day - so I know they are being well looked after.
    Loving the lampshade - it goes perfectly with the base, and that jug is huge!!
    Hope you had a fab time at VV yesterday the stall looked (as ever) excellent.

  2. Lovely finds at the jumble sale ad congratulations to Anne, love her blog too! Xxx

  3. I love that new lampshade! Jealous of the jug too. XO

  4. Love all your finds, especially the lampshade - gorgeous! The pincushions are great too! x

  5. OH WOW!!!!!! Thank you so much I am almost speechless.Jill will have a lovely home here!! This is my lucky weekend as I have won a giveaway at Lavender Attic too!! I am a very lucky lady!!

  6. Hi me again!! Forgot to say if you could email me at I will send you my address. You see I am so excited I dont know what I am doing!! Thanks, love Anne

  7. Fantastic finds Emma! Congratulation Anne, lovely Kitty! Ada :(

  8. Hi Emma
    I was looking at the pics of Stockport on Facebook and wanted everything on this particular stall and way ho it was yours. I should have known.
    I noticed a young lady named Libby was trying to contact you, she was after something she had seen at the market, so Ive posted your blog address to her and told her she can email you from there.
    Lynn and the Doodly Birds x x x

  9. Gorgeous finds ... the jug is lovely, bright and happy ... well done to Anne on winning your lovely giveaway ... Bee xx

  10. Oooh Betty - a delicious jug and wonderful cats too. I haven't been to a good jumble for donkey's sadly so extra envious of your lovely finds