Saturday, 18 August 2012

10 nice things.


1, vintage Italian pottery pin dish with a leather base. Thrifted.
2, a bobbly scarf for a little pottery dog
3, fresh basil and virgin olive oil
4, too many cotton reels and ribbons
5, holiday count down
6, pretty vintage handbag, thrifted.
7, mismatch of patterned kitchenalia
8, vintage leather sandals, thrifted.
9, kitsch retro tin full of my buttons, thrifted.
10, felt teddies, daughter and daddy

I will be back tomorrow with tales from the fair.
I am going to Magpies and I as a customer.....whoop!
No spending budget in mind as yet ;)

Thanks for reading. X

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  1. Lovely selection, particularly like your kitchen bits & bobs - why have one pattern when you can have loads - I'm very anti matching! And I don't actually believe there's such a thing as 'too many' threads and ribbons! Have a great holiday. Rachel x

  2. You have got some lovely things there Emma. I bet you are really excited now about your holidays. We have only two weeks to go and I am almost beside myself with excitement!