Sunday, 19 August 2012

Fair stuff, food and friends.

I have had a lovely far.
I made my way to Magpies and I vintage and craft fair this morning. I got there at 11 so as not to miss any bobby dazzlers. I immediately stumbled upon a dreamy bit of retro pottery....unfortunately it was just being snapped up, dang!

I soon picked my bottom lip up from the cold market floor and carried on pottling.
I met up with my friend Sarah (there was some kitty dealings to be done) and we happily pottled together, it is nice to chat and shop.

As per usual 90% of my purchases were fabric related.

I bought Kitty fabrics.

And a new cushion for my kitchen chair.
I am spending a lot more time in my kitchen since the refit so a cushion for my back was a must.

I treated myself to yet more tea towels for my new kitchen

I love tea towels and they were only £1 each :)
They are all vintage ST Michael or as littlest calls it 'marks expensive'.

And here I am embarking on yet another insane collection.

I can't even use these little gadgets as yet but it is a buddy for knitting Nancy. I think I may name him knitting Nigel. I like the name Nigel but I am not sure why?

Sarah and I took a short break to partake in coffee and cake and were swiftly (not that swiftly) joined by Mrs Teawagon .
After a lovely chitter chatter and a bit of putting the world to rights we went for our second look around the market
I had a little possible purchase to consider whilst I drank my coffee and I was now at the decision stage.

Why did I have to think about this little fella??
Isn't he adorable.
I will be ordering a jumper from the sweat shop that runs alongside my home, ie, my mums annexe. He needs a bit of knitwear don't you agree?
This boy doll is Italian and I am guessing from the 70s. I paid £3 for him.

On a different note I have been making a few kitty's this weekend trying to keep up with the jumper production going on in mothers sweat shop. She has branched put to jumper dresses and hats of late.

Dottie is modelling the new hat/sweater dress combo.
I have not yet listed them in my folksy shop but there are still a few available and I am planning a shop update on return from my holibobs.

As I mentioned earlier on in this rather long and drawn out blog post, I was delivering a couple of kitties to my friend Sarah today. Sarah buys them for her daughter Eve and she has rather a collection developing. She is actually one of my best customers (along with Heather).
I came home with a lovely little gift from Sarah and Eve.

How cute is my new little owl. I have displayed him beneath my bibbly bobbly lamp.
So, to wrap this post up, before you all drop off your little sofas, I have had a most wonderful day today.

Tonight I will mostly be ironing :(

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Location:Magpies and I, Altrincham.


  1. The Marks Expensive tea towels look super in glorious technicolor photograph and I'm glad to see you bought the little boy.
    Am loving the jumper dresses and hats...put me down for an outfit o be collected at your next stall!
    Terry Owl looking very happy next to your lamp, glad you liked him.
    Have a super holiday away from British drizzle - wonder how mny thrift shops abroad?!

    1. I do not have permission to thrift whilst on my jollies. I may stumble upon a flea market however ;)
      Terry is very happy under the bibbly bobbly lamp. Thanks so much.
      I will save you a jumper dress/hat combo. xxx

  2. I'm thinking you should do separate outfits for,party wear,workwear and the boxes could become their wardrobe :)
    Enjoy your jollies x x x x x x

    1. Genius!
      We shall meet for a brainstorming session on my return from my jolly bobs. We nay need cake!

  3. Time with crafty friends, lovely! I had one of those little people thingys, are they used for knitting? Think we called it French knitting, they made long snakes that we stitched together! Ada :)

    1. Hi Ada, I think you are right with the French Knittig. I am actually going to give it a go, my mum knows how to dot it and she is going to teach me. I may aim for a coaster rather than a rug!
      X x x

  4. Oh Wowzers, those tea towels are amazing, and such a bargain!! Loving the sweater dresses and hats for your kitties, they are real trend setters! Have a great holiday, looking forward to seeing anything you may find at a flea market, you know, if you stumble across one by accident...Rachel x

    1. Rachel, I have been investigating possible thrifting opportunities on the Island of Majorca and it is not looking good. I will give it my best shot though ;)
      X x x

  5. Love your new tea towels ... and marks expensive ... I've just had a right giggle ... the kitties look very pretty in their new attire ... have the lovely holiday and I hope you accidentally find a flea market or two ... Bee x

  6. Ooh Mrs Betty I have the yellow and goldy tea towel from M&S its years old, but I do use it now to wipe glasses best thing ever. Have a good jolly holly. Julie xxx

  7. Love the chicken teatowels! Sounds like a fun fair, love the new header too and the little owl. Have fun ironing xx