Thursday, 30 August 2012

Sun, sea and reality.

We are back at our house at the end of a runway....hoorah.

Before I begin to tell you of my holibobs I must just mention that I am not an ungrateful whiner although I can sometimes be a bit whingy.

Well, where to begin?
My Betty, littlest and moi have just returned from a week in Cala D'Or or as some drunken yob on the journey called it 'Cala Dior'. We should of realised, right at that moment, where the journey would take us!

We were holdaying on a complex, not our usual thing, but we did it for littlest in the hope he would make some pals. As you all know, littlest is one of three boys, but his brothers are currently away with their dad. They are holidaying in a luxury villa in Turkey (lucky buggers), so we had to be aware that Littlest may feel a bit lonely, as is understandable.
Unfortunately, for Littlest, the complex was full of Germans. Now please, please know that I am very fond of the Germans as a nation. The point I am making is that Littlest is not yet fluent in the German language so palling up was tricky.

Our apartment was a disgrace. I honestly believe that a hostel would have been preferable.
We had to move on the second day as the ceiling caved in, I am not kidding you.

The second apartment was an improvement but I did not get the urge to do any 'self catering' (which would have been by means of a 2 ring electric hob that was part of the sinks draining board?? ).
We ate out for every meal, the choice of food was limited. I began to dream of an M&S Lancashire cheese and carrot chutney sandwich.

We took a taxi to the Marina in search of good food. The Marina was beautiful and the food was lush.
Mr Betty spent time planning which yacht he would buy.....I think he was tempted to hot wire one and sail us home at one point (or possibly a few points) in the holiday.

What I will say about our disastrous holiday is this. Mr Betty, littlest and I had great family time and our little unit is a happy one.
We played lots of hangman, eye spy and did plenty of crosswords.
We talked more than we usually do, we laughed a lot (mainly at the apartment) and we all fell in love a little bit more.

We enjoyed the beach and the pool.
Littlest met a girl called Lola.

She looked just like him.

His cheeky cheeks became golden brown.

And he spent quality time with his daddy.

What we have learned....
For future holidays we will know that this sort of holiday/place is not for us.
We will find a place we like, and get there in our own way (not via Ryanair).
We now understand that Littlest only really needs us, decent food and his pad and pen (and maybe some Lego).

I realised from a personal view that I do not like being too hot and I am a terrible homebody. I missed the comforts and the colours of my home.
I also realised that I am very, very lucky.

Again, I would like to say that I am not a 'ungrateful gordon' just ....maybe.....a bit fussy :)

I am now enjoying my house more than ever. We are eating like kings, enjoying 'real' coffee like never before and sleeping like babies. The beds in the apartment were made from steel and concrete (or that's what they felt like).
We are counting the days until the big boys return, we are all missing them terribly.

Today I will mostly be eating, drinking and gazing at all the things I love in my house.

Oh, forgot to mention. Largest son has received his GCSE results whilst we were away. He passed them all with flying colours and I am as proud as proud can be. He will start at his college of choice in September and will be studying maths statistics, accountancy and business at A'level.
Yes, he does get his brains from me ;)

Thanks for reading. X

- Posted using IPad and half my brain.


  1. Ahhh I have to say despite your challenging jolly you do look happy as larrys on your pics :) glad you're back xxxx

  2. Isn't it great to fall in love with your home again after you have been away?

  3. Well done to your son on he GCSEs results! We've had horrid hols in the past ... One hotel we stayed in was actually on Holidays from Hell! Lovely pictures though and welcome back! xxx

  4. Boo to your bad holiday, but yey that you are back home safe and sound, coming home is always the best bit!! we have had some right dodgy all inclusive holidays and last time we said NEVER again!!

    your son did so well, and so you should be a proud MuM, hes a good boy :-) when I got home I cryed just from sheer joy, I missed everyone so much...the next day i just kept thinking...i'm so lucky...i'm sooo lucky i know exactly where you are coming its ruby slippers all round then :-)
    glads your home :-) xx

  5. p.s that is a lovely pic of you and your man :-) x

  6. Glad you could laugh at it all, that's how I look at life, make the best of what you have and have fun
    Thea x

  7. Awww! Your appartment sounds awful, but at least the holiday has brought you all closer together, nice to go away but even better to come home! Welcome back

  8. Best put it down to experience ... seems like you had a reasonably jolly time though ... very nice happy photos ... I do love the coming home too ... congratulations to you on your very brainy boy :) ... I am sure you are very pleased and proud ... lovely to see you back ... Bee xx