Tuesday, 25 September 2012

8 years!

I was planning on announcing the winner of the name my caravan comp tonight.
As I explained, I was leaving this very important decision to my boys of three, but alas, 2 of them have bodged off to watch the footie (City of course).
If it is ok with you all I will announce tomorrow when I have had the chance to share all the names with them. If I leave it to Littlest he will defo pick Chipper Nellys choice of willy!!

Anyhows, this got me to thinking about my boys and how proud I am of them and I thought I should tell you for why and explain our family in a bit more detail.

8 years ago I was a single mum and had been so for quite sometime.
Obviously I had had a lot of dates and admirers........NOT

I split from the father of my 'big boy's when they were very young, 4 and 1 to be precise. As you can imagine, it was not easy but thank god I have been blessed with rather amazing children.

When I met Mr Betty I was 31 and he was only 20.....yeah, yeah, comments welcome!
Mr Betty was my lodger (for about 2 weeks) before we fell for each other.
I was well aware of the risks of entering into a relationship with a big age gap and lots of baggage (all my bags of course) but we went for it anyway. I don't understand how one can be sensible when hit by love??

I have to say that my boys were fantastic and accepted Mr Betty into their lives without any issue.
We quickly and smoothly became a new family unit.

It was not long before littlest arrived. We didn't waste much time if you know what I mean!

And he was accepted by the big boys without issue too. Mind you, he is a lot cuter than the Mr!

So we have now been a family for 8 years. Littlest is now 6, Middling is 14,Eldest will be 17 next month.
Mr Betty is still in his 20's and I am just about clinging on to my 30's.
I just want to say thank you to Mr Betty for completing my life and our family and to my big boys for being amazing, resilient,loving and accepting children/young adults.
I am very lucky. X


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  1. Oh Emma, this post is so lovely - it has truly brought a tear to my eye! It's so special when people find love, whenever and however that happens. What a gorgeous family you and Mr have created - all your boys are outrageously cute! Rachel xx

  2. good to know! I still can't get over how similar our 2 boys are! fee x

  3. I had little goosebumps reading this :) so sweet, your boys (all 4) are fab and I have seen what a lovely loving family you all are x x x x see you on saturday :)

  4. What a wonderful cheery post Emma!
    Loved it..
    I do love a happy ending....
    Your boys look delightful and a credit to you both.
    Can't wait for the announcement of that caravan name hehe...(hope it is willy)
    Love Mariax

  5. Good on you. Life is too short to hang around and what handsome boys.

  6. Gorgeous boys, and a lovely family! My boys would have picked Willy too! xxx

  7. That is such a cool story! xx

  8. Lovely to read. As a child with a wonderful step dad I can appreciate this post. In fact he forgot he was "step" when I had my daughter saying she has his genes. Which I think is amazing. :-)

  9. Sounds like you were meant to be together! Great family! Ada :)

  10. What a lovely post, age does not come into it, when you are in love your in love that's the law!
    My boys would choose Willy too, and they are a lot older
    Happy evening
    Thea x

  11. What a great post and a lovely family story ... I think most males regardless of age would like to name the caravan Willie ... brings out the little boy in them :) ... Bee x