Thursday, 27 September 2012

And the winner is........

The winner of my 'name my caravan' comp was decided, as planned, by my 3 boys.
Although Willie and Dickie were pondered over they finally chose a name that they love.

As I have mentioned before, I think it was on a post about our old trampoline and how it brings all 3 boys together. Another thing that they all agree on is a particular TV comedy programme.
We have all the DVDs and they are watched at least once a week.

(I am really dragging this one put aren't I).

Anyhows, the aforementioned TV programme is the IT crowd and it is just brilliant.
There are 3 characters running a rather grotty, basement IT department and their names are Roy, Moss and Jen.
Anyhows (still dragging on), Moss has a first name and it is Maurice!!

So, without further woffle ado, the winner is The Custards. Hoorah!

Here is a pic of our beloved Moss and my much wanted Sprite 400 caravan.

Perfect! This has even given me a plan for the interior ;)

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  1. Good old Moss! Did you know you can buy Moss/IT Crowd t shirts? My husband has the one that says "The elders of the internet know who I am". Hope your boys all enjoy their new caravan. Don't you just want to make a frilly floral cushion to put in there just to annoy them though?! xx

  2. Great name choice! Can't wait to see what a Moss interior looks like?

  3. Congratulations Jenny, Moss is a great name
    Thea x

  4. Oooooeeer Oooooh Betty - delighted to have any association with your lovely caravan of which I am most deeply envious. The hours of joy and pleasure that it will bring is to be celebrated indeed. I can only imagine the hours of oo'ing and aaa'ing that Ooooh Betty and your family will have
    Every happiness in your caravan
    Best wishes

    1. Hi Jenny,
      Thanks for such a great name. I must get on with ordering him a name plaque!
      Email me your address so I can pop your prizes in the post.
      My email is
      Love your blog btw.

  5. Awww Great name and lovely winner!
    Well done Jenny!
    love Maria x

  6. Congratulations to lovely Jenny ... Maurice is a great name ... Bee xx