Monday, 1 October 2012

Smile makers.

Sorry I have been a squittle bit quiet of late. Bit of a cold etc etc.
I thought I would do a 'smile' post as I haven't done one for a while.

A new book I just purchased. Design Sponge at Home by Grace Bonney
A very nice interiors book.

A bit of a move around in my living room.

Duck Pyrex. Bought out for the Sunday dinner.

A rather impressive bundle of kitty skirt fabric delivered via a little teawagon.

Littlests new big boy desk. Chair from charity shop, desk via Freecycle.

Bambi plate finally put in position above my desk. Soooo kitsch!

A Lazy Billy

A Demure Lola.

A snippet of the 'Secret Teaparty'. Pretty vintage shoes from The Vintage Boutique Bowdon.
The tea party was fab on Saturday and I loved it.
I am writing an article for Vintage Manchester which will have plenty more pics of the day.
I will let you know when it 'goes live'.

Thanks for reading. X

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  1. I have never had the pleasure of duck Pyrex before.

    1. You need to get some....they're quacking!
      Sorry, couldn't resist ;) xxx

  2. You have such a sweet blog...and I tell you I want to be just like lazy Billy today ..if only I looked that adorable while I slept! Duck pyrex...never seen it either but I collect the turquoise and pink...have a great week!

  3. You've succeeded! You made me smile! Thank you! Ada :)

  4. And I'm smiling too Emma! Love the puss cat piccies.It must be getting colder now because marmalade sneaked up to the top floor of the house where our bedroom is, this morning and sneaked into bed with me! There's nothing like a furry cuddle first thing on a morning!!

  5. Lovely post - the bambi plate is wonderful - made me smile too!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  6. Love your home ... the little desks are lovely! xxx

  7. Little desks are very cute ... love the Design Sponge book .. some lovely inspiration in there ... Bee xx

  8. Ooooh if I wasn't such a dog person - which I am so I shall whisper goes (imagine a very small voice) the cats are so lovely and look very cuddly and lovely, and I possibly would like one myself...cough...cough..ahem - back to being normal dog person now.
    Am very sad I couldn't do the tea just wasn't meant to be, but if there is another I'd love to come along, bet you all hada fab time. Will look out for the article.
    We shall have to do coffee soon, will you be coming to sell (or otherwise) at the next Magpies?

  9. Love each and every photo that you shared with us.

  10. I am back...because I just have to say your little kitties in your etsy shop are adorable!!!! I really wish I had someone to buy one girls are all grown the little outfits come with them or are they naked and the clothes are separate to purchase? So darling.