Thursday, 4 October 2012

Thrifty Thursday

Well, well, well. What a thrifty week I have had.
I am just pausing to work out where best to start........

This is just a midgy thrifty find but I do rather like it. What's it for I hear you ask?
Well, I don't know myself. I am tinking soup ;)
I absolutely love Tupperware and especially so if it is orange.

This could very well be classed as poor taste. It is basically a black plastic bin with some Fablon wrapped around. I don't care! I love a bit of Fablon.
It will become my caravan bin eventually.

This is a little cutie.
I got this from the Charity shop that I work at. I was so happy when I spotted this.
I have yet to put any stuff in it but I have been too busy with 'other things'.

50p each!
Wintery, granny like cushions. Very silky and flowery and could very well be caravan bound along with the nasty bin.

A couple of rather spiffy ladybird books. I love the Going to School the most.
It makes drinking warm rancid milk look acceptable.....from what I remember of my school days it was absolutely NOT acceptable.

Yeah baby!
I have seen these many times and now I own some of my own. Danish, plastic, stacking tables.
Again, possibly very useful for my caravan.

This is actually a tablecloth but I am thinking caravan curtains.
Currently drying out on my radiator. I currently have my heating set to Tropical ;)


A bundle of the most amazing wallpaper......ever.
It stretches, it can be cleaned, it is very 70s and it is just perfect for.....

My caravan!!

One wall done. Tomorrow will see a lot of progress I hope.
I may need to encourage Mr Betty this evening with special treats....stop it!! I was thinking chocolate cake.

I will be back with more pics tomorrow.
I hope you like my thrifty finds.

One quick question before I pop off for tea. The question is this ; to wallpaper or not to wallpaper?

I discovered this at a shop that's name is an anagram of Q&B.
I really like it and I am soooo tempted to do a 'feature' wall. Is it all too '60 minute makeover' ?

Thanks for reading. X

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  1. can't believe you have got it up already....steady on now the wallpaper I is perfecto :) can't make my mind up about the BQ one...think it needs to be 50p a roll and in a dusty old carrier bag before I can comment :)

    1. I think you need to pop round and see the wallpaper for real!
      Maybe I could tempt you with a cuppa and cake?

  2. I was just trying to work out what Q and B was! Deeeer!
    I'm with Jane on the wallpaper but I think that's because I'm just vintage wallpaper obsessed so perhaps don't listen to me, I've lost my perspective! I'm just trying to persuade my family on the benefits of vintage wallpaper, we are decorating the kitchen and I have just the right one, think Eldest Bea might leave home if I put it up!
    Caravan looks fab, you will furnish it perfectly! Ada :)

  3. Loving the caravan wallpapering ... will be great with all your other finds ... I like the paper from Q&B ... very retro detro ... sometimes we just need to be brave ... Bee x

  4. What fab finds, and am very envious about having a little caravan to decorate! I was in Q&B yesterday and they had some great wallpaper ... Did you see the Brighton one? Love this post! xxx

  5. I am so jealous you have a caravan, I would love one. I do however have the same 'my cool caravan' book as you, so I guess that's a start. I also found the Ladybird magic book recently too x

  6. Definitely wallpaper...
    My bedroom curtains are the same as the flowery cushion at the back. I got them for £4 and pinned them on top of my old ones to see if they looked okay. That was a year ago and they are still pinned up haha
    Lynn xx

    1. Lynn, you are ace!
      Woman after my own heart. I have bits of fabric, wallpaper hanging around. Pictures propped against Walls, waiting to be hung.
      It's just how we are.
      Btw, if you get bored with the curtains sling them my way.
      See you soon I hope. Xxx

  7. Great finds - especially the sewing box. Never seem to see them here!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger