Monday, 24 September 2012

Caravan essentials.

Did a bit of thrifting over the weekend.
Fitted it in between feeding squirrels and household chores.

My mind is a fug of caravan obsession and I have probably overlooked some treasures whilst being swept up in Tupperware and other such 'caravan essentials'.

I mentioned in my last post that we (Mr and I ) were to start on the caravan renovations. Unfortunately my little Sprite 400 has a minor damp problem and the papering has had to be delayed.
Mr Betty is onto the damp problem and has been seen scuttling across the drive, silicon gun in hand, a number of times in the last couple of days.

I have always been a bit partial to the joy of retro plastics and in particular the good old Tupperware.

I am now looking for a hob top kettle (whistling of course).
I would like to acquire a number of crochet blankets ( about 28 would suffice).

For now my caravan essentials will sit pretty in my kitchen cabinet. This is rather nice as I get to look at them whenever I feel the need.
As soon as there is any progress on the caravan I will be sure to let you know.
When it comes to my Sprite 400 I am as keen as a bean!

Tonight I will be lazing around.
Thanks for reading. X

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  1. My big sis was a Tupperware rep in the 70s, she threw it all away when she moved 5 years ago! Can't wait to see your caravan all spruced up! Ada :)

  2. Haven't seen vintage tupperware for sale locally for ages - shame as Bertie I am sure would love some!

    He does however have a whistling kettle :)