Saturday, 22 September 2012

Tis a secret ssshhhhh...

Today I have mostly been preparing for an event next weekend.
I am sooo excited as this is my first ever secret tea party. If one is local, likes cake and loves to shop vintage, pop over here and read all about it.
I am told there are a handful of tickets left so be quick!!

I will be appearing as a stall stander. There will be other stalls of which I will tell you about tomorrow and there will of course be the most fancy sandwiches, delicious cakes and tasty tea.

My plan of action today is to prepare my haberdashery bits.
I am to be the only one selling haberdashery so I must make it extra special.

I have pot towels and tablecloths.

I also have quite a few vintage pillowcases.

Some new design haberdashery goodie bags.

And lots and lots of reels and ribbons.

Tomorrow I will be preparing all my kitty's and bunnys.

So I am altogether a very busy miss lizzy.
Can't complain, it is not exactly 'work' as such.

Billy has been keeping me company today.

This is him at his best to be quite honest.
Whilst awake he just causes utter bedlam. Cotton reels and buttons have been found scattered for miles and last night he seemed to have had a right time of it with all my garlic cloves.

He is now filling up his suitcase bed with his furry corpulence so I am planning on sacrificing my vintage airport case as a second kitty bed for Lola. Mr Betty will need to put some legs on it of course....kitty's like to be 'above ground' I have discovered.

Tomorrow Mr Betty and I will be putting a bit of work in on my Sprite 400 caravan.
We are planning to clean, empty, seal and start on the papering.
Depending on how far we get I will post some pics tomorrow.

I hope you are enjoying this lovely Autumnal weather. I love Autumn and in particular wearing pretty socks and woolley cardigans.

Tonight I will be eating some food from Marks Expensive. I am not in the mood for cooking!

Thanks for reading. X

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Location:Also a secret.


  1. Sounds like fun. Marks Expensive made me chuckle.

  2. I wish I was local, it looks like your stall will be fabulous. Love the look of those tea towels! Hope you enjoy your Marks Expensive dinner! x

  3. Can't wait to find out where this is then I can come along :) x

  4. Hope you have a great time, wish I was local! Ada :)