Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Name the Caravan!!

Today I am launching my 'Name the Caravan' competition.

Just as a reminder, here is a quickie piccie of my Sprite 400 1970 caravan.

I will let my boys choose their fave caravan name so think 'boy caravan'. I can't see littlest liking anything too girlie if you catch my drift.

The prize is a collection of things I like and that I hope you will like too.

This is a rather kitsch vintage clock and it comes complete with pendulum, key and even its original instruction book.

A collection of vintage haberdashery bits (please note the coordinated colours).
I love this Laura Ashley print and the buttons are my new button card stylie.

Bizzy bunny needs a new home. The kitty's are ganging up on Bizzy and it ain't pretty!
Bizzy is my bunny prototype and she has a cute pink dress and a little brown satchel.

I hope you like the prizes :)

Now, here are the rules.
1, name the caravan.
2, follow my blog
That is all.

Today I have been busy with my Etsy and Folksy shop....god it is time consuming.
I now have to persuade Mr Betty to help me with the links (I am pants at all that guff).
Pop back later and see how far I have got, you may be surprised.

Tonight I will be working on 'stuff'

Thanks for reading. X

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  1. I already follow your blog and my suggestion for the name is......(brace yourself)......




  2. Oh dear, I had a quite girlie name ready ... let me think,

    Van Morrison?

    Love, Claire xx

  3. Erh ! how about Gilbert or Maurice or Bagpuss or Brian or Roger or Mr Bubble or Bernard or ....... heehee
    Lynn xxx

  4. Boris, Horace but not Doris!!
    Ho ho

  5. Here it is again, as I was an eager beaver (and read all your blogs)...
    It has to be ETHEL, boys, because...
    'Exceptional Travelling Home Extremely Lovely'
    spells ETHEL! and she is a spritely lady and it means
    noble and don't forget King Ethelred the Unready and
    and and please?

    1. Reginald D Potterley-Smyth. & god, I want that clock!

  6. Hi...still looking like Maude to me.....still don't know why! Ada :)

  7. I just fell off my chair and then sent you an email...thats not my name suggestion :) x x x x

  8. This post made me chuckle soo, Emma!
    I like Scenic or Sedgwick or Bertie....Oh could go on for ever!!
    Thanks for stopping by on mine, please don,t enter me as I have been lucky enough to win your give away already and it was fab!! this was just for the fun of it!! Happy Days......
    Maria x

  9. Now, if your boys are anything like my boys they would pick something like Willie (my grandads name) or Dickie. Soz...but I reeeeeeally wanna win that there clock.
    fee x

  10. Well seeing as my suggestion if it was a girl's name was Delilah, maybe it could be Samson?! Rachel x

  11. When I saw it I thought 'Smith', not sure why but I think it suits it.

    I can't wait to see inside when it's done!

    Nikki x

  12. Drat someones already used my first suggestion - Bertie (ours is called that) - so I think as he's been in the news so much recently that 'Boris' would be a good name :)

  13. Thought of a boys name! Brian! Again I haven't a clu why! Maybe it's a Brian who secretly wants to be a Maude!!! Have a good weekend! Ada :)

  14. How about Samuel ... Sammy or Sam for short .. Sir Samuel Sprite has a ring to it .. don't you think :) ... have a lovely weekend ... Bee xx

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