Monday, 17 September 2012

The 4 Cs


This weekend has been all about my little bro. He has returned from a four day trip to Ibiza in what can only be described as a state. Thank the lord he didn't go for a week.
There has been points during the last two days where I have wondered whether he needed to be hospitalised but as I type this tale of woe (it is 4.30 am) he does seem to be improving (he is having a sleepover).
Fingers crossed, this could be a big wake up call for him and he will start to live a quieter life from now on. Let's hope his 2 black eyes have faded before he goes back to work.

Do you remember the old school desk I acquired? (you should do it was only four days ago!).
I bought it from the charity shop where I do some volunteer work.
Well, whilst out shopping for general provisions on Saturday I happened to park in the car park behind said charity shop and I could not believe what was waiting out back for the bin man.
Quicker than a flash I was in the shop asking if anyone would mind if I saved the bin man a job and took the chairs home for myself.

Chuffed is not strong enough a word to descibe how I felt as I loaded these little darlings into the back of the Land Rover and zoomed off home.
They need a bit of TLC but I am thinking that all the scrawls and scratches from over the years should be preserved. I think maybe yes.

As I have been keeping a watchful eye over my little bro this weekend, chatting with him and generally trying to keep his spirits up I have also managed to be quite productive on the kitty making.
The next stage will be the outfits, packaging and marketing (hark at me). When I say marketing I actually mean listing them and then telling you that I have done so.
I will be Folksying and Etsying this time round so let's see what happens.
Up til now I have mainly sold my kitty's at the fairs, to friends and friends of friends etc and of course to you my blog pals.
What do you think of my 'new look kitty's ?

You know what's C is coming next..
Yeah, yeah
Mr Betty has been hard at it and has replaced all the damaged panelling in my little Sprite 400 caravan. He did sustain a rather nasty injury in the process but as he is such a brave soldier he just squeezed some super glue into the severed area of his hand and ploughed on.

It is now ready for the next stage and I have decided to wallpaper.
I reached this decision after purchasing the perfect paper whilst popping in to request that I be the new owner of the aforementioned chairs. Yes, my little charity shop is the best!

It is not the most amazing of vintage wallpapers by any stretch of the imagination but I think it is ideal for the job in hand. I didnt want owt too jazzy as I wanted a fairly neutral backdrop.
At a pound a roll one can always change ones mind!

Tomorrow will see the launch of my 'name the caravan' competition.
Check in for the rules ( they will be pretty basic ) and details of the prize ( it will be pretty cool ).

I am now going to attempt to sleep for a couple of hours before I have to get up with littlest for school. I have a feeling this ain't going to happen but one can but try.
Thanks for reading folks. X


  1. Hello Nurse Betty, I'm sure little brother appreciates what you are doing for him and we were all bonkers once.
    I like the new kitties they have gorgeous wide eyed innocent looks about them. Just ready for cuddling.
    I've seen a blog somewhere with gorgeous caravans like yours, but I'll be blower if I can find it. Stay tuned for when I do.
    I'm being quiet now in case you are nodding
    Lynn xx

  2. Oh dear! Hope you little bro is ok, we were all young once ... I ended up in intensive care in Lloret de Mar many moons ago!

    Can't wait to see what you do with the caravan, am very envious!

    Hope you get some sleep soon ...
    Claire xx

  3. Wish I had a charity shop like that! Hope your brother feels better soon! Ada :)

  4. Hmmmmm, I do a fair amount of looking after my little brother (currently 38, though none the wiser for it!). Hope he's OK.
    Can't wait to see what you do with your van...fee x

  5. Gorgeous cats and chairs, and the caravan will look amazing with that paper in it! As for your brother, he's very lucky to have such a lovely caring sister - we have all been young and reckless but it does sound like it might be time to calm down a tad?! Rachel xx

  6. I too have brothers ... both littler than me ... and I have had my fair share of mothering them through some diastrous decisions ... older sisters are easier to talk to than mums, I think ... I love the cats ... and the chairs are fab ... what luck finding them ... can't wait to see the caravan all spiffed up and pretty ... Bee x

  7. Hope your brother is feeling better. I love the school desk & chairs and the new kitties look lovely - I hope they find new homes soon!

    Nikki x