Saturday, 8 September 2012

Oooh Betty at the Vintage Village

Happy Weekend.....just how amazing is this weather.

The sun is making me feel like partying and I just so happen to be going to a birthday party tomorrow would you believe.
It is the Vintage Village '2nd Year Birthday Bash' and I am just a tiddley bit giddy about it all.
As usual, Sarah and Alan are making sure that this will be a day to remember and marking the VV milestone with a rather exciting gift giveaway amongst other things.
Not wanting to miss out on being part of this monumentous event I have wrapped up a little something...

You just have to be there folks!
Pop over to their fabby webpage to get all the details and don't forget to Tweet the news.

As always (but a bit late in the day) I have a few snippets to wet your appetites for Vintage goodies.

I think I have gone a bit retro to gogo this month.......I must have been influenced by last months 'Fab Gear' fair.
So, who's coming to see us?

Tonight I will mostly be eating out (whoop), getting giddy and doing a bit of last minute prep.
Thanks for reading and I will remember my camera tomorrow!!

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  1. Sounds like it is going to be fun.

  2. Oh, so wish I could be there, but am miles away unfortunately! I do have family in Manchester though, think I might plan a trip next year to coincide with the 3rd Birthday. Have a great day, looking forward to the pictures - and if that green vase doesn't sell, let me know - I have a turquoise one to match, they're made for each other! Rachel x

  3. I sooo wish I could be there to join in the fun! Have a great time! Love the retro goodies! Ada :)