Friday, 7 September 2012


Today's post is a bit random (the title says it all).
I have been flitting from one thing to another all week. There has been many a shopping trip for school/college stuff and with a quick mental tott I can tell you that I have spent around a million pounds.
Eldest started college with angst in his heart. He had me worrying (out of character) but returned with a confident bounce in his step. Phewf!
Middle son turned 14 today. We had a little birthday tea and then Mr Betty whisked him off to do some boy stuff involving fast cars and fast women.......not really fast women, just thought it sounded good.

Now all the boys are back at school :) I am feeling ready to focus and start getting back in to things.
I have started adding some bits to the kitchen.


White metal (garden) bench. Ikea bargain corner £20.00

Jane Foster art work from Next

I am keen to get my shelves up next week and paint my fireplace (colour yet to be decided).
I want pink.....Mr Betty says that it is my kitchen so I can choose the colour. I did detect a rather bad attitude in his voice however.

I had a bit of a Paperchase splurge.

Non essential items of course and this is only part of the splurge....

I have started to feel like I have reached a bit of a crisis point with the whole online selling thing and know that I need to have a good think about what I want to do/achieve.
I am very unbusiness like and seem to find it hard to maintain focus.
I will always have my fairs but I have temporarily closed my Folksy shop so I can start afresh, so to speak.
I have done a bit of tinkering with my kitty packaging and have tried making/presenting them in a different way.

This is merely a prototype and will, eventually, be in better quality packaging etc
I am thinking 'dress-up kitty' or something of that nature. I have started machine sewing them and I am thinking of ways to make them more saleable (starting to sound a bit businessy all of a sudden).
I am aware that I need to open an Etsy shop and that I should be more business like when it comes to promoting etc.
Any advice, and I really mean this, is extremely welcome.
I am selling off my 'old design' kitties at a reduced price at the Vintage Village this Sunday.
I will do a more official Vintage Village post tomorrow with a few snippets of stock and I will tell you about how exciting it is going to be. Let's just!!

Sorry for getting a bit serious tonight, too much thinking me thinks.
Tonight (it is just littlest and me) I am going to drink tea and watch TV and try to stop thinking.

Thanks for reading. X

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  1. Well on a positive note, your taste in artwork is lovely.

  2. Love your purchases and Dress up Kitty sounds a fab idea!

    Have a lovely evening, and try not to think too much ... xxx

  3. I love the new kitty packaging and I think it's a really good idea - Eves kitties have been undressed and dressed again sooo many times over the past week. Will you be doing shoes and glasses accessories type things?
    Am going to try and lure my mum down to Vintage Village on Sunday so will hopefully see all kitties there.
    Poor Eve has had to go back to school in her summer dresses and old school shoes (which are fine she just doesn't like them!) I'm suffering from a quiet house at the moment...trying to get my sales technique sorted too. I know exactly what you mean about being un-business like xx

    1. Hi Sarah, not sure about accessories but I will be posting about my ideas later on.
      Where are you selling? I want to have a nosey!
      Missed you at VV yesterday, hope you are ok.
      X x x

    2. I very much missed not going, hope you had a fab day. I've possibly had some good news on the job front but I better not say too much as Mr P hasn't made up his mind yet!
      Looking forward to hearing the kitty ideas, I re-listed some of my stuff on Twitter on Friday and on my Facebook page too, want to get some more fabric and start down the Christmas rd. x

  4. Firstly save me a kitty on Sunday x secondly I love that print and bench x thirdly I see what you mean about that fabric and my shoes ( ouch! those shoes ) fourthly more kitties and clothes is a must x x x x x see you Sunday x x x x x

  5. Birthday Wishes for your growing Boy!
    I think your Kitty dolls are great, I'm sure you will develop them, and they will be even better! Ada :)

  6. Hi Emma, hope you are well and enjoying a bit of normality now the kids are back at school! Just wondering whether I could have a couple of the kitties that you are planning to take to the Vintage Village. My girls have picked out Rusty and Rosie - are they still available? Let me know and we can sort out payment - I can either send you a cheque thru the post or pay on Folksy. Thanks so much. xx

    1. Hi Julia, send me your email and I will send you a pic of the kitties.
      I have Rosie but Rusty has sold. I do have a really cute one in mind for you.
      I can list them on Folksy if you decide to go ahead.
      I did try to email you back directly but I am not sure whether it worked??
      Speak soon, Emma. X

  7. random but lovely xx paperchase is a shop haven! me and my sister are true suckers for it!