Monday, 3 September 2012

September Wish List

My wish list posts are going monthly fro this day forward. 2 reasons for this, firstly I have lost track of my wish lists therefore deeming this post numberless. Secondly it is my personal commitment to wish for things only 12 times a year (ummmm!) One can but try.

1) Marimekko 'Bambi' tray designed for Heals
2) Hornsea, John Clappison design, bird dish. Designed to be an ashtray.
I just love these and have been wanting one for some time. It is maybe time to just buy one off the dreaded EBay!
3)Roddy & Ginger wallpaper. Love everything by Roddy and Ginger but I am desperate for some of this wallpaper.
I am thinking it to be perfect for middle sons room.
4) David Mason retro style chopping board. Loads of funky patterns, check em out here
5)Andy Warhol design soup tins, real cans of soup.
Only available from 'Target' which is an American company. Please, someone, stock them in the UK. I would buy them all, get middle son to eat all the soup....he loves tomato soup, and then use the empty tins for anything one fancies.
6) my next housey book. Simply Scandinavian looks to be right up my street. I am actually going to order it tonight. Available from good old Amazon

Anyone else been a wishing of late?
I love to read other people's wish lists.
Mine seems to be very kitchen orientated of late but I think that may change as the season changes.
I will soon be dreaming of blankets and flasks.

Tonight I will mostly be stitching name tags into school clothes (the only shitty stitching task in the world).
Thanks for reading. X


  1. I've got the iron on kind this time!
    My wish list is to replace my Smeg fridge with another one, we've had it 15 years and it's past it's best! And decorate the kitchen.....and our bedroom, not sure if any of that will happen, but that's my wishes! Ada :)

  2. I dont really have a wish list as such, just as things go we replace them with things I really want(providing we can afford them of course).
    I like your new look blog,X

  3. Why cant we have Target?! Thry are stocking the limited edition Method products and so cant buy them here (obviously totally essential i have patterned bottle handwash!)
    Yes, all your wishlist proper cool - will you be informing Father Christmas of some of the future wishes?

    1. Hello you!
      Hows things? Will DM you shortly.
      Defo going to put the tray on my Christmas list.
      Hope to see you soon. Xxx

  4. Oh dear I should be sewing name tags but now you have me thinking I need to find someone who is going to America with a big suitcase x

  5. Aah, nice list, I would happily have all of those things too, esp. the deer tray and the Andy Warhol soup tins! I have never ever sewn name tags onto my girls' school stuff. I use a laundry marker on the labels, always have done and it takes about ten mins to do. I don't even mind re-writing their names on at February half term when the pen has faded so much you can't read it anymore. It does help that my kids have got short first names and there are no other kids in the whole school with the same name. I knew I chose short names for a reason!!! x

    1. I have tried every name tag option and I find they all fall out, other than the sew in type.
      Atbleast I have one uniform/PEkit less. Eldest justvstarted college.
      Was a bit tempted to sew labels in his sweat tops......just for fun!
      X X X

  6. Mmmm, I love the chopping board! I wouldn't say no to the deer tray either ;) XO.