Thursday, 13 September 2012

Thrifty Thursday

I am actually going to present my 'Thrifty Thursday' blog post on it's good and proper day. This I feel is a real achievement.....for me.
It was my day at the local charity spot yesterday. Now the boys are all back safely in their variety of educational institutions I was able to put a full day in. Exhausting is not the word!
It is a real eye opener and yesterday more so than ever before. I will do a post on my charity shop work in the very near future, with pics. You will not believe what comes through the back door.

On to my thrifty finds.
My first is a dump find and it is something I have been wishing to own for quite some time.
I pretty much accosted the lady dumper. She was about to wing this into the 'timber and cardboard' section. She looked at me in that sort of 'don't touch me you are quite obviously a lunatic' kinda way.

This of course does not bother me as I am a bit of a looney at times and in particular when around vintage wooden clothes maidens.
This is not only super duper for the drying of linens etc but also ideal for my Oooh Betty stall. I can just see vintage curtains and bedding draped over it's rungs.
Here it is displaying (for photographic purposes only) some fabrics I thrifted this week.
Mostly vintage Laura Ashley which I love.

I have yet to come home empty handed from a day at the charity shop and yesterday was no exception. I have to say that, other than my retro deckchair day, yesterday was my most successful day thus far.
I kind of had Littlest in mind when I bought this. It never made it up the stairs.

I am utterly in love with this twin school desk. I spent most of last night just staring at it's loveliness.
Littlest says that it is ok if I keep it for myself. I think it helped that I had also thrifted a magic 8 ball for him. He has been asking it all kinds of awkward questions!

I also found this at the shop.

It is the most gorgeous wool blanket I have ever seen.
It is in such perfect condition and I just love the candy stripes. I bought this with the caravan in mind.
Whilst I am on the subject of my caravan....

Mr Betty and I have been at work within the tiny walls of my Sprite 400 ( I have just discovered it's official title). The pic above is of the only decent/salvageable fabric. I have already laundered it and I will be using it in some shape or form when I come to upholster and dress the inside. The original window curtains had been replaced with some undesirable fabric and this piece was the bedroom divider.

Lastly on the Thrift front is a bit of pottery.
Nice patterns and purchasable at my next fair event.

The pics are just snippets!! They are actually quite comprehensive sets.

Now, not that I am one to go on about my Sprite 400 caravan ;)

I would like you to put on your thinking caps, even if it a little on the rusty side.
I am planning (just thought of it truth be told) a giveaway.
I am after a great name for my new/old caravan and I want you to choose one for me. Mr Betty and I will never come to a decision between us. He will want to call it something blokey like Dwayne.
Tonight I will be digging out my own thinking cap, mine is extremely rusty and possibly in the loft. I will come up with a giveaway prize or two, and I will get back to you when it is all organised in my head.

The caravan has a few issues at present (no interior being one of them) but I will be sure to take some pics of the inside very soon.

Tonight I will mostly be looking at my little desk.
Thanks for reading. X

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  1. What lovely finds! I have a similar clothes maiden to that and it is great at the vintage fairs, but everyone wants to buy it ... I would love to come across an old wooden ironing board to go with it ... Your lovely little caravan definitely looks like a Tallulah to me xxx

  2. Oh good god what fabulous finds! I have a great wooden clothes maiden that my partner keeps threatening to dump (he really has no clue about vintage gorgeousness!) AND I have a wooden ironing board made by my Grandpa which he also thinks we should get rid of! I love that last china set, what a great pattern. Thriftwood has already chosen my favourite girls name, so I will suggest a slight variation - Delilah. Whatever you call her I can't wait to see how she looks once you've worked your magic on her! x

  3. You have done well, its amazing what people throw out, can you make sure your desk hasn't got "Thea loves Marc" carved under it Ha! I think your little caravan looks like a Florence to me Flo for short
    Thea x

  4. Lovely finds! I think your caravan looks like a Maude, haven't got a clue why though! Ada :)

  5. I remember sitting at a desk just like that as a child. I like you love wooden clothes airers, I bought one at a boot fair a few years back. It can be a little temperamental, collapsing on me but I wouldn't trade it for a metal one. It's a keeper.

  6. Looks like an Cordelia to me ... can't wait to see what you do to her ... lovely your finds especially the second lot of pottery ... Bee xx

  7. I LOVE that gorgeous desk!!! :)

  8. Ok suggestions from the teawagon clan - miss Betty .....frankly frank.....Dr Smedley????

  9. Oh I know a gorgeous cocker spaniel called Tullulah like thriftwood suggested.
    My cyber green vw beetle is called Frida after the mexican artist Frida Kahlo and my nickname is Hilda but it depends how badly you sing for that one.
    What about Geraldine ?
    So much fun ahead Emma with your lovely project.
    Lynn xx

  10. How's about ETHEL? Stands for Exceptional Travelling Home Eternally Loved!