Monday, 29 October 2012

Better Luck Next Time

Or that's what I am hoping for when I display my wares this weekend.
I will be at the Heaton Moor Handmade Craft Fair on Saturday

It is a first for me and I have high hopes.
I will be taking my usual haberdashery selection, my foxes and my pussies.
I have also been busy creating new bits and bobs.

do it oneself dolly pegs (vintage themed of course)

Lots of gift ideas all aimed at crafty types (the best types might I add).

gift packs of vintage childrens game cards, perfect for funky tags etc

I am really enjoying the whole gift packaging experience.

Vintage fabric pincushions....highly addictive 

And I shall be beavering away in Maurice the caravan over the next few days.

I have recently been drawn into the world of Instagram and I am rather enjoying the whole thing.
I will attempt to install a direct Instagram button on this here blog, it could be a few days.

Tonight I will mostly be eating broccoli and gruyere soup (homemade), painting the kitchen fireplace and watching a bit of trashy TV in-between coats of paint.

Thanks for reading. x


  1. Hope you have a great day! Love those pin cushions! Ada :)

  2. Hi Emma hope you have a wonderful day, long time since I've been there! All your things look great dont you think packaging is the best thing of all, I love that bit. Julie xxx

  3. Hello Emma, you have some gorgeous makes so I hope you get lots of purchases.

  4. I'm just getting to grips with Instagram too, but I love it! Will follow you, I'm thriftwood114 if you want to have a look! I'm sure you'll do very well at the fair, your stuff us lovely xxx

  5. Wishing you a splendid fair where you sell copius amounts of your gorgeous makes ... love the dinky pincushions and the childrens cards are so bright and colourful ... have a lovely week ... Bee xx

  6. All looking delicious - I wish you well with the fair
    Best wishes