Thursday, 25 October 2012

Thrifty Thursday

Today is Thrifty Thursday.
I don't have much to shout about on the thrifting front but I like to think of this post as quality over quantity.
Word of warning,you need to use your imagination on this one.

Imagine it is July and the sun is shining bright (maybe transport yourself to the South of France).
You are cruising along in your camper van and feeling a little peckish. 
Knowing you have the most marvellous picnic hamper, filled with delights such as egg sandwiches, you spot a beautiful lake and the most perfect picnic spot.
There is not a picnic bench in sight, but do not panic.....

Place the described scene in the background if you would and imagine the smell of egg.
This is the little vintage picnic chair that I rescued from the charity shop dumper. What were they thinking?
I really need to be bobbing into that shop on a daily basis if this is the sort of treasure that is being disregarded. The picnic table was thrifted last week. It is so handy for my stall.

I have been after one of these bookshelves for a while now. Littlest really needed one for his ladybird books. I have placed it on his bedside table. I may borrow it every now and then to display my stall books on or I may just steal it back for my own books.

Well, today has been a day when I have been forced to stay in. The Land Rover spluttered to a standstill last night, luckily not too far from home. It is not a major problem but it is going to be off the road until Tuesday...eek
I took to my Sprite 400 caravan of dreams and decided to do something completely useless.

I made a dolly peg.
I have had the pegs and teeny face decals forever and I just had to itch that itch.
I did it all with scraps and oddments and I stitched (messily) by hand, really joyous.
Then I thought....maybe others would like to have a go too

So I put together a little packet of Dolly Peg goodies.
This is just a practice one. 

I have also listed some more fabrics and tea towels in my Etsy shop. I have been getting a bit carried away actually.

Tonight I will be stitching some pincushions whilst drinking tea and eating sticky toffee pudding.
Now that's multi-tasking for ya!!
Thanks for reading.


  1. Love the dolly pegs, I think they will be a hit :)

    I could almost imagine the egg sandwiches (a firm favourite, I even had some today on school trip) - just ask them if you can regularly asses their seem to find all the best stuff there!

  2. Those dolly pegs are lovely, the face decals are just perfect! I love that picnic table and the bookshelf, I'd love one like that - just the right size for ladybird books - though I'd understand if you nicked it back for yoruself, I don't think I'd be able to resist! x

  3. Love the ladybird shelf - my growing collection would love one like that :)

    Cute dollie peg ladies too :)

  4. Oooh that little plastic basket loving wanting....
    Where from?
    Daisy J x

    1. Hello!
      I love the Lazy Daisy title. One of my fave sayings.
      The little basket was purchased during my doll house faze and I think it was from EBay.
      If I find one I will let you know. X

    2. Please do....
      and thank you kindly,
      I am just a little Like her more Ditsy Daisy than Lazy Daisy
      Daisy J

  5. Oooh ... I love the little peg lady ... I have two packs of dolly pegs I bought ages ago to have a go at making little dolls ... you have just reminded me ... thank you ... I love the little packs you have made up ... they would make lovely Christmas gifts for crafty peeps ... Bee xx

  6. What a super idea with your kits - love the chair too!