Wednesday, 24 October 2012

This is a difficult one.

Oh my goodness, I am actually going to schedule this blog. I am now verging on being PC literate.
Mr Betty has gone for his monthly bath so I have had an extra 20 mins on the super duper big Apple computer thingy. My pictures are so much better and it is so much quicker.
I am even eating some cake whilst I blog.

Well, I always tell you about the fairs, and this weekends should be no different.
I want to be honest and say it was pants but I don't wish to be horrid to the organiser....was it her fault?
There was very poor attendance.
I had a nice day because loads of ace people popped by for a chat.
The most wonderful treat was to finally meet my blogging mate Heather.
I can't link you to her beautiful blog because someone was cruel to her via the comments and she had to give it up....flippin awful. She bought me some amazing presents and we had a good chat.

So, to sum up, nice day, bad sales.

Little orange (best colour) fold out camping table, thrifted and excellent.

Selection of Fabric, now available in my Etsy shop.

Lola being very inefficient in the fabric packaging department, she could soon be on my Etsy shelves.

My fabric gift packs, now available on my Etsy shelves.
Purely to keep you all in the loop, I am now tapping this out is an addition to my 'scheduled post'. Blimey, I am actually a genius!
I have just returned from a busy day at the charity shop.
Not laden with treasures today but I did get something extra ace that I am saving for Thrifty Thursday (also known as tomorrow).It was actually retrieved from the dumper bin so it is extra thrifty.
Here are a couple of bits to keep us going till then.

Sorry about the pics, it is actually dark at 4.30pm Manchester time.

I will be back tomorrow with Thrifty Thursday and I will be continuing to put in some work on my Etsy shop.
Thanks for reading. x


  1. Sorry it didnt go too well Emma. Glad you got to meet up with a bloggy friend but how sad she had to give up blogging.Why are some people out to cause others misery by leaving horrible comments? I really dont understand why they do it, I always think if you cant say anything nice dont say anything at all.

  2. My fair in Whalley was busy with people but poor on sales. Like you though Emma it was great talking other crafters. I think that's it for me now though for a while I'm getting a bit fed up with it. Awh well !
    Lynn x

    1. Lynn, totally get what you are saying. I feel like that too but I am booked on another craft fair next month. I will have a re think after that.
      I always do so well with my Vintage stuff but I do like the crafts.....what is a girl to do.
      Sorry you are feeling a bit disheartened. Xxx

  3. It's a shame the sale didn't do well Emma, because your stalll looks lovely! Still, you had a nice day and met some friends, so isn't all bad. What a same your friend gave up blogging ... There are some nasty people out there ... I moderate my comments now because I had a couple of nasty ones, couldn't your friend start again, and do the same?

    Well done on your computer literacy too!

    Love Claire xxx

  4. That's such a shame...but what a lovely stall and hello Mr Foxy!

    I hope the mister has recovered from his monthly bath.

    Nina x

  5. Emma, it all looks great. I did a fair on Saturday and most of my sales were china and glass not the stuff I'd spent ages making - grrr!
    I'll take Lola off your hands - how much?!

  6. Hi Emma ... sorry the fair was a bit slow ... love your stall and at least you had fun with your bloggy friend ... what a shame she felt she had to give up her blog ... it makes me mad when people feel the need to be nasty for the sake of it ... have a lovley weekend ... Bee xx

  7. We used to have one of those folding orange tables when I was little, I remember doing jigsaw puzzles on it. I wonder what happened to that? Sorry to hear about your fair, I haven't done any at all this year because I was fed up with working hard to prepare for them and then finding the organizer had not done their bit. Better luck next time, Mrs RV x

  8. eating cake....near the MAC? There would be divorce round here if I laid a finger near Cleggys, nevermind eat or drink in it's vicinity!!!
    Sorry your fair wasn't busier..I 'ummm and aaah' all the time about taking the plunge and getting a stall (as I'm sure Jane has told you!) and I have to say you're making me fear it's a bad idea...fee x