Monday, 5 November 2012

Not granny enough?

Happy Monday to you!
I did the fair on Saturday as planned but I was so flippin cold I couldn't face taking any pictures.
Such a shame about the arctic temperature because I actually did quite well and met some really nice people. It was a jolly good fair.
It was most definitely my most successful craft fair to date and has therefore restored my faith in the world of craft fairs.
So, you may be thinking, why is that Betty woman bothering to blog when she has nowt to show us.
As if!
Today I received a package from Staffordshire. An Ebay find might I add.

Since I moved all my fave pieces of furniture over to Maurice (my 1970s caravan) I have been missing my extra lounge chair.
Getting near Christmas it is not good to be short of that all important extra seating option.

Isn't is fab!
I love the turquoise upholstery and the style.
My next mission is to find a footstool. I do have a few dotted around the house but they are all in very important positions and cannot possibly be moved.

I am off on an adventure tomorrow morn with OOB (Other Oooh Betty).
Hopefully I will have some exciting things to share with you.
Also, I am booked to stand at the award winning Vintage Village in Stockport this coming Sunday so this week will see me blogging some pre fair teasers.
I have to say, once one has been a part of the Vintage Village, no fair can ever quite match up.
Counting the days. 

Thanks for reading. x


  1. Love the chair... have fun on Sunday!

  2. Yay - good for you Oooh Betty - the chair is perfect and well done with the fair
    Best wishes

  3. well done, love the chair and the term OOB, just great! Heather x

  4. How funny strategically placed footstools, a woman after my own heart. Great cushion by the way and best of luck with the fairs.

  5. Ooooh ... I love that chair ... I have a chair fetish ... so you have me ... hook, line and sinker ... Bee xx

    PS Well done on the fair ... xx

  6. Ooh Emma, the chair is sweet, but love, love, LOVE the cushion! Glad you had a good day at the fair, and good luck for Sunday, I'm doing one too!

    Love, Claire xx