Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Dorothy Howard...

Today has been a good day.
I set off with OOB (other Oooh Betty) on our adventure, as planned.
I returned home with quite a bounty. Very good for the soul.

As I have mentioned on previous blog posts, I love to come across a vintage sewing box, and I love it even more if it still has all its contents.
I don't care how tangled it all is.
I don't even care if I prick my fingers on a few randomly discarded pins.

Todays finds.

Cup of tea, a tangle of haberdashery and some kitsch tins.....heaven :)

Tonight I will be travelling in to town to meet a fellow crafter for some crafty time.
I will be back tomorrow to tell you all about it and hopefully show you what I made.
I am quite excited. 

Thanks for reading. x


  1. Such wonderful surprises inside your sewing baskets, love it!

  2. Ooh how fabulous, Emma! I wonder who Dorothy Howard was? I found a large Tupperware box with compartments, absolutely full of sewing things, some of which are the same as yours above, I love finds like these. Love the basket on legs, that's unusual!

    Love Claire xx

  3. Wow - love those sewing baskets, and to find "stuff" inside is even better.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  4. You are so right. Heavenly. Glorious finds.

    Btw, thank you so much for the fabric (and the sweet cards). I'm very pleased indeed! xx

  5. ooh good find! the best kind, Heather x

  6. Ooh, I got one of those sewing boxes that you have on top of the little table, its old and had the most amazing things in when Tony bought it for me.I love the gorgeous things in yours and wonder what Dorothy Howard would have made of its new home?

  7. I am so envious ... what a brilliant find ... love the old spools of threas ... the stickers are fab ... have a lovely crafty time later .... Bee xx

  8. ...exciting finds and a gorgeous blog...happy to be your newest follower:)x