Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Manchester Craft Mafia

Last night I attended my very first Craft Mafia event. I will most definitely be making it a regular thing....if they will have me.
I was invited by my friend Vanessa and I have to admit that I didn't know anything about it or what to expect. It was held at Common in Manchesters Northern Quarter.

The venue was ace.
Really cozy and friendly. The food was gorgeous.
The event was fully booked and I am not at all surprised.
Everyone was lovely, all helping each other and chatting along the way.

The craft projects were simple and explained clearly. There was absolutely everything on hand, fabrics, buttons and my fave, the hot glue gun. It is on my 'must buy' list.
The first thing that Vanessa and I made was the very cute pin cushion ring. I was that giddy about my first attempt that I just had to make another.
I may even do a little tutorial on them. I think it is an idea that should be shared!

The other thing we (partly) made was a Christmas themed tote bag.
I loved making this. Choosing the fabrics and ironing them on.

I just need to string my baubles together which I will attempt to get on to tomorrow.

I will be booking my place on Decembers Craft Mafia without a doubt and can't wait to find out what the projects will be.
Anyone coming with me?
Anyone already been to one of these events before?

Tomorrow I am going to be a very Busy Miss Lizzy.
I have a very important 'thing' to complete that I will share with you all soon and I will be starting my fair prep for Sunday. By tomorrow evening I am hoping to be here with a few sneaky peeps at my wares and gifts.
See you then and thanks for reading. x


  1. LOVE the pin cushion rings! What a brilliant idea. Looks like a great event, wish I was close enough to come too! Look forward to seeing what you're making...x

    1. Hi, Google Craft Mafia, there are more than one!
      I hope you find one near you, you would love it. x

  2. Love the little pin ring - what a great idea!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  3. what a brilliant idea...looks like you had fun crafty evening.....X

  4. Dear Oooh Betty - the ring is marvellouso! I have seen bracelet pin cushions before but never a ring - very handy dandy!
    Best wishes