Friday, 9 November 2012

Pre Vintage Village Peep.

Today I have been a bit busy...not too busy....just a bit busy.
I am verging on being fully prepped for Sunday when I will be standing at Manchesters best Vintage Fair and that is official!
I cannot wait and I have some pretty good stuff (if I do say so myself).
I will keep the best stuff for Sunday but here are a few pics to wet the appetite.

Today I had the good fortune to stumble across this little beauty.
I have been after a typewriter of this caliber for quite some time and now I cannot decide whether to sell it or not. It am in a bit of a quandary.

Isn't it fine.
It is quite a vibrant turquoise in 'real life'.

I will decide tomorrow, you know how I love to have my stall looking as best as best it can be.
I will post a few bits tomorrow if I get time. I have some nice Christmas gift ideas for all you highly prepared people.
So who's coming to see me on Sunday?
The market is in the victorian market hall, Stockport from 10-4
Stuart will be there with his amazing cup cakes, save me my favourite please.
Mrs B Taylor will be there de-stashing some of her cool collectables.
And, did I mention, it is an award winning fair!

Thanks for reading. x


  1. Keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!! you can't get rid of that beauty :) see you sunday x x x x x

    1. I will think about it SP.
      Can't wait to see you xxxx

  2. Ooh Emma, it's lovely ... Why don't you have it on your stall as a prop, but with not for sale, on it? When people think they can't have something, they offer amazing amounts of money if the really want it. Then you can decide whether you love it too much to sell or not xxx

    1. Hey! Not a bad idea.
      It will be a nice change from orange....I always have a very orange stall. x

  3. You ALWAYS have good stuff! And that typewriter is seriously gorgeous.

    Forgive my ignorance - what is the orange flower-shaped thingie in the first photo?

    1. Sarah, It is a Tupperware biscuit cutter set. It is amazing!
      Inside it has a heart,star and circle cutter.
      Great for Christmas biscuits.
      Look forward to seeing you on Sunday. x

  4. I am aiming to visit on Sunday and have my eye on that mixing bowl, you can never have too many bowls!

  5. Do you know Mrs Betty, I had that typewriter when I was very young, alas I have it no more, who knows that might be mine. Julie xxx

  6. I remember most of those things from the first time around. The scales are exactly the same as my mum had, in fact she probably still has them somewhere! Good luck on Sunday.

  7. Oh keep it, keep it ... I think you could use it as a prop for your stall ... have a lovely day tomorrow ... Bee xx

  8. I still have the orange tupperware cutters.they were bought many moons ago...still going strong, used all yea round but especially used for citing fancy tops for my mince ours at Christmas.well worth the tupperware price tag, they were a bit more pricy than others at the time. They must be 15 years old at least....

  9. Ooh hope you kept it. I have a very similar one I picked up for a couple of quid at a church fair. However my sister has 'borrowed it for photographing' and I haven't seen it since, hmmm that has reminded me to reclaim!
    Wish we could have got along to the Manchester vintage fair, sounded good. Guessing there will be another at some point..
    Thanks for your comment on my blog. Loving yours ('fox in a box' - love it)
    Nelly xxx

  10. Hello again
    I agree with Claire - I would keep the typewriter and write a wonderful Christmas/welcome message on it and entice people in. My brother had one like this and it went to the rubbish how I wished...
    Also dear Oooh Betty - every time I watch that programme on Channel 4 where George is doing up his caravan I think of you. Sorry I cannot remember the name of the programme!
    Best wishes and all the best