Thursday, 15 November 2012

Nice things.

I have been having a blog break...only a few days mind.
I've been all homey this week and I have thoroughly enjoyed it.
Today I have a few pics for you.

50p each from Tesco

Cute spotted envelopes for Christmas Etsy sales.

Wooden deer hanger 94p Tesco

Knitted slippers Tesco £6

An attempt to keep my toes warm whilst in the caravan (and look stylish to boot).

Christmas tree biscuits from

Cute mitts from Tesco £5

Green stem jar Matalan £5

funky pot towel Matalan 2 for £2

funky pot towel Matalan 2 for £2

Crafty suitcase for travels

I spent the day with my blog pal Jane.
I do believe that crafting can sometimes be a bit of a lonesome life and although I am happy as happy can be with a bit of Jeremy Vine and my caravan, it is rather lovely to spend the day with a fellow crafter.
I think everyone should get themselves a co-crafter (good name dontcha think), pack up a days work in ones favourite suitcase and meet up for a lovely day of chatting and creating.
You may struggle to find one as lovely as mine ;)

Tonight I will be eating veggie curry, drinking pineapple juice and partaking in a spot of crochet.
Thanks for reading. x


  1. Phew!! Thought you'd disappeared! :)

    Lots of lovely things....I had seen the Matalan kitcheny things and have been trying to justify a purchase of more jars....hhhmm...any suggestions?


  2. Lovely things ... I have been eyeballing Tesco's lovely decorations too ... have earmarked the little deer and a few others ... I love meeting a crafty friend ... it is great spending time with like minded people ... it's why I like blogland so much ... enjoy your weekend ... Bee xx

  3. All of your items are charming, but I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the tea towels.

  4. The Matalan jar and teatowels are quite lovely.

  5. Co-crafting is the best. Crafting and nattering with friends really is so much fun! Must check out Tesco's decorations too... They look super cute!

  6. Oh love those slippers!!
    I have a blog/crafter best friend...we spark ideas off each other and they are always the best ones....
    Daisy j x

  7. You have found some brilliant stuff in Tescos.We dont have one close by only a tiny local store type one so of course dont get those lovely goodies.The slippers are fab and you cant go wrong for a few quid can you?

  8. I like the co-crafter idea, I must find one, maybe I should put out an advert!! looks fun, enjoy, Heather x

    1. Heather, I think that is such a good idea. Pop a co-crafter request on your blog. It will catch on! x

  9. I'm off to Matalan this weekend! And I NEED a co-crafter, I don't know anyone in 'real life' who shares my interests :( Mrs RV x

    1. Mrs RV, I really think the whole idea could catch on. Pop a co-crafter request on your blog and see what happens. x