Sunday, 18 November 2012

Christmassy Giveaway.

I am itching to get started upon the road to the Christmas holidays.
I thought I would get started, and put myself 'in the mood', by having a little blog giveaway with a Christmas theme.
I do not want to read any comments from people that have already done all their shopping and have them wrapped up and possibly even placed under a perfectly decorated Christmas tree (real of course).
I won't think you are geeky, I will just be in awe ;).

So, here are the goodies that are waiting to be given away.

Vintage Dolly Peg Kit

Vintage Christmas (I think) Snow Globe
It could actually be little red riding hood but there is snow so who cares!

A Fox in a Box (of course).

Vintage Christmas Decorations and a rather battered but lovely tin.

Ladybird Christmas book.

Lovely pictures from aforementioned book.

Just some little treats for the festive season.

All one has to do to be part of this Christmas giveaway extravaganza is to be a follower and tell me, if you would, what you would most like to see under your Christmas tree on Christmas morning.
I think this should be a dream like, no budget, as big or as small, fantasy present.
I am having Colin Firth so he is off limits. (he will be covered in chocolate might I add).
This should be fun!

Today I will be watching back to back episodes of Dog The Bounty Hunter.
Thanks for reading. x


  1. hmmmm tricky...what would I like for Christmas???
    Along with the obvious answer of a lovely freebie treat offered by you and of course possible George Clooney with one of his expresso coffee's......!! I would love for my lovely farmer to have a full day off with me and the girlies,,,,,no cows to milk,,,,or calves to feed...that would be my perfect Christmas,,,as its our first together as a family this year!
    Merry Christmas and I can't wait now,,,,,getting a little bit giddy!!! LOL x

  2. Oh I would love to be included in this giveaway please!!!!!

    And what would I love under the Christmas tree - how about an embellishing machine delivered in person by Johnny Depp??!!!!


  3. I would love to get a mini ipad, I know I'm not getting one but its good wish!

    ps love the peg dolls!

  4. Oh I'd love to be included in this giveaway - thats a Ladybird book I've not seen before!

    In my mind I'd love either Artem or Robin from Strictly under the tree but in reality a nice new camera is top of my list :)

  5. Ooh, how exciting. Just so you know, I have made two presents but have not bought any so far. I am being very boring Auntie Julia and giving money (again) to all the nieces and nephews. Must get started on the real Xmas shopping though. Anyway, my biggest dream Xmas present under the tree would be a full set of Cherner dining chairs and table that a) fits into my dining area and b) is indestructible and scratch resistant. Nothing like wishing for the impossible, eh?! As I have said before, I must get around to doing a giveaway. xxx

  6. Dear Oooh Betty
    I fear that joining in in another giveaway would be plain greedy but that Fox in a Box has swayed me...
    Under the tree I would love an Austin-Healy Frogeye Sprite - I have no interest whatsoever in cars and could happily drive around in a cardboard box so long as someone else did the parking but one of these I would dress up for.....
    Best wishes and happy Christmas in anticipation....
    La Cootard...

  7. Goodness this is a treasure trove of a give away!!
    I'd really really love to find an SLR Digital camera and some lens too under my tree... but as there is no-one other than me to put it there... never the less in my dream Artem would be bringing it round!!

  8. lovely giveaway...please count me in.
    I would like to find a campervan under my tree. Preferably one that is completely and utterly refurbished on the outside, but just waiting to be pimped on the inside. And since it's a fantasy gift I'm going to be greedy and request that inside said van is an envelope with a big fat cheque solely for the purpose of the pimping.
    fee x

  9. What a fantabulous giveaway ... can I please be included ... under the tree I would love ... a caravan ... for many years of fun holidays with my OH and little ones ... I would love to refurbish it a la Maurice ... oh, if only wishes came true ... thanks so much for offering this lovely festive giveaway ... you are too, too kind ... Bee xx

  10. Fabulous giveaway Emma, please count me in!

    A chocolate brown Morris Minor, like the one we had in the 60's would be the perfect present under the tree. Camper van or caravan were first choice, but they've already been said by Fee and Jenny!

    Claire xxx

  11. ....ooh such an amazing giveaway....... So many darling things .........I would really love to find a Norfolk blue fiat 500 under the tree with a big vintage ribbon tied around it.......perfect for pooling around in........a lovely dream......x

  12. Emma, i would like your "maurice" to have a sibling possibly called "brian" so i can have my own special space to adorn with all the things that make me smile. Failing that; as caravan conception can be tricky, i would love it to snow on christmas day.

  13. I would love a cyber brain for Christmas as my memory is trash and a bite to eat,nothing mega. A nice spam sandwich, some cookies and an apple. I've got me mac so we can get the bus or you tube if you like.
    Where are these wide windows with webs? Do they have inner nets? I shall put my wireless on,can't face my book.
    Hope Santa down loads on you!
    Please read my very first blog and help me on my way.
    Eco Ethel xx

  14. My lovely boyfriend all wrapped up :p

  15. I got my present today.... A lovely papillon dog called Kikki. She has come from the Papillon rescue centre and is beautiful.
    For my present off Santa I would like to know that Kikki will be happy with us and not pull my tree down or wee on it haha.
    Also Santa can i have that snow globe please.
    Lynn xx

  16. I have one of those snowglobes, I got it in my stocking one year when I was little, mine has Cinderella in.
    I'd like my wonderful physio under my tree, to live here and give me one of his amazing neck stretches everyday!

  17. Yes please include me in that gorgeous looking giveaway.
    Is it too much to ask for a little holiday retreat in France? Probably the Dordogne. Nothing too fancy, just hidden away somewhere pretty with enough room for family and friends to join us. Perhaps a pool....definitely a local village for us to walk or ride a bike for fresh bread in the morning. Mmmm I can almost imagine sitting out with a glass of cold wine now...

  18. Please could I join in!
    Quite simply, I would love my health back, I'm really not bothered who brings it too me, although I'm rather taken with Johnny Depp!!! :)

  19. Oh lovely giveaway!
    I would like a special "thingy' under my tree....a "thingy" that lets you become someone from fiction, film or TV!
    So from fiction I would have to be 'Alice' from wonderland....
    TV: I would be 'Lady Mary' from Downton Abbey, I could wear all those beautiful dresses,
    Film: I would have be "Severine" from Skyfall she gets seduced by Bond....nuff said!
    Daisy j x

  20. Ooooh super give-away. We are re-doing the decorations on our tree this year (as most now falling apart/looking bald) and they would just look lovely.
    I have done about 1% of my Christmas shopping and am therefore prepared for a full on panic in about two weeks!
    For a fantasy present I would really really like (santa if you are listening) a new bathroom. In all my years and houses I have never had one - and in my current house it is paticularly nasty. I have never had a bath in there...and would love so much to have a clean new bath to lie in for abut 2 and a half minutes (before the family decide they have something *important* to tell me that cannot wait).

    I hope you enjoy Colin - had you not already claimed him, I would have had him to keep in the new bath :)

  21. Yummy giveaway ... I would like a new hip I have worn mine out either that or some 90yr old swapped hers for mine and is off argentine tango-ing with the gorgeous Vincent Simone instead of me. Please, thank you I have been a very good girl this year santa (can't be anything else with a dodgy hip!)
    Sarah x

  22. Can co- crafters enter???
    Under the tree... just for me... Don Draper and a Charlie Brown DVD
    Do I get an extra chance for rhyming???
    x x x x x x

  23. Do I get another chance because I have put your giveaway on my side bar....pretty pretty pleeeze!!
    daisy j X

  24. Hello, I found your lovely blog via Jan at Stand and Stare...
    please enter me in your lovely giveaway, I am a new follower today!
    Under my vintage tree (I'm using my old glass baubles and chanelling my Nana's 1950s tree) I would like to find Val Doonican or Jim Reeves in an arran sweater to sing to us all Christmas day!

  25. Im a follower of your lovely blog.
    I bags Gerard Butler please!

  26. I'm a new follower today too!
    Under my tree would definitely be Bruce Willis in his white vest (think Die Hard...any of the series of films).
    I am intrigues with the Ladybird book also as I've not seen it before either and the Fox in a Box looks very snazzy.

  27. Hi Emma, I've tried to join, honest, but the thingy's not working!!! Will keep trying. This often happens, then suddenly it works. What a fabulous collection of goodies to give away :-) Hmmm, what would I like to find under the tree? I think a ticket to Rome would be nice, yes very nice!!

  28. Thank you for visiting my blog and your lovely comment. I'm now a follower and have put a link in my sidebar. What a generous giveaway, and all such yummy goodies, I'd love to be included please. I would love to find all my family members who are sadly no longer with us, perhaps not under, but by the side of the tree this Christmas. Wouldn't that be lovely?

  29. Hi Emma... so glad I found your blog and Intagram doo dah... and great that you will join in with the Beautiful Blogger Blanker 2013 :) This is a lovely generous giveaway! Under the tree on Christmas morning I would like to find chocolate and marzipan! My 2 favourites and I haven't had either since May as I have been making another (yes, another...) attempt to lose weight.. so far I've lost 2st 2lb...woo hoo! Hugs, Jill x

  30. Hello, Mrs Betty!
    could I be entered too, please and thank you!Such lovely bits and bobs from your good self! I must admit my Olivia has stolen! Yes stolen your wonderful kitty from my lucky to win self (last give away)...Soo i would have to say, " Mr fox in a box" under my tree would do just the job!!
    Sending 'Twinkles'....
    love Maria x

  31. Hi Betty, Lovely giveaway. I would like Paul O'grady to come for Christmas dinner to keep us laughing and take the dogs for nice walkies if the weather is bad. (I'm going rusty keep going out in the non-stop rain!!)

  32. Wow what a gorgeous selection of goodies!! Seeing as it's a fantasy present, can I have a sewing room please? Yes this would mean expanding our house, but a girl can dream! And in reality a Fox in a Box would do very nicely thank you! Rachel x

  33. Hi Betty, just discovered your lovely blog and have become your newest follower. Fab giveaway! I would love an iPhone so I can join the wonderful world of Instagram, feel like I'm missing out :)
    Victoria xx

  34. What a lovely giveaway! If Colin Firth is taken then I'll have to choose a new pair of neoprene wellies!

  35. I would be greedy and ask for a vintage haberdashery cabinet. A tall one with loads of glass fronted drawers so I could keep an eye on my stash!
    Super giveaway

  36. Hello! I'm really enjoying your blog - I have only just discovered it! I would like the ability to drive under my tree, if that's possible! Like in the Matrix where Neo can learn new skills by downloading them into his brain, although I think he mostly learns bad ass martial arts skillz. I've just started driving lessons and it is slooooow going, I feel like I'll never get there! Have I geeked out on you? Sorry! x