Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Housey Housie

As I mentioned in my last post, I have been having a bit of housey time. (spell check is telling me that housey is not a word, what?, it so is!).
This has involved no cleaning whatsoever which is a quite typical around these parts.What it has involved is quite a bit of titivating and shuffling.
Here are a few pics for your perusal. 

Crochet bunting by me (hence not pressed).

Freecycled side table. 

Cozying up the sofa with Grandmas patchwork blanket.

Basket of things to do.

Granny Chic....if you cant beat em, join em!

New/old fabric fashioned into a table cloth (by me). Purchased at the award winning Vintage Village, Stockport.

New/old peg rack. Bought at magpies and I market, Altrincham.

Has anyone else been getting their house winter ready?
Are you, like me, feeling more and more like staying in and getting cozy?
I very much feel that I need to get out all my blankets, light some candles and wrap up in a woolly cardy...or two.

My next plan this week is to work on the playroom. I find this room a bit tricky as it is quite modern for 'da boyz'. I feel it rather cruel to subject them to too much pink and flowery.
Mr Betty just has to put up and shut up!

Don't forget to enter my Christmassy giveaway, just pop back to my last post and check out the booty.

There has also been some rather good news today. Mr Betty has finally had enough of the kids and myself using his special big computer. He has ordered me my very own big special computer.....second hand of course!

Thanks or reading, I must actually get on with some crafting now. x


  1. Oh, it looks so comfy and cosy!!!! I've been lighting candles and snuggling under blankets too! Lovely post.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  2. OOh Emma, it's lovely ... love all your thrifty finds. I love your little Chinese girl and doll picture ... I had one like that and sold it on Ebay. I've regretted it ever since!

    Love Claire xx

  3. your house is looking lovely, i'm doing the same, tis the season for it! enjoy, Heather x

  4. Ooh Betty! What a wonderful house you have! It looks so cosy! :)

  5. What a lovely cosy home! Love your kitschy cats, I've got a blue pair of the loved up ones which I got for a quid at a car boot, they're great. I've been getting the blankets out, and I want to make some new cushion covers to revive the sofa - we put up new/old curtains in every room a few months ago and they are being appreciated now! And yay for your own computer!! x

  6. I'm afraid re-shuffling is the only house"work" that gets done here!
    Winter nesting definitely happening, or at least winter waterproofing...the bedroom ceiling is leaking and the gutters have overflowed we've had sooooo much rain the past coupla days

  7. It all looks fabulous. I adore your Siamese cats, and of course the real puss snuggled up on the crochet blanket. It's definitely the season to stay in and get cosy, snuggling in to warm blankets and doing a bit of crafting.

  8. Oh how exciting ... new computer ... and I love your cosy home ... I need to do a massive clean before Crimbo but I'd rather craft ... a problemo, you see ... oh well, still have a few weeks to get my act in gear ... enjoy the rest of your week ... Bee xx

  9. Dear Oooh Betty - things are looking very lovely indeed - though also giving me pangs...I saw the same hook thingy in a charity shop but did not buy it.....too late now sadly (but probably a good thing in the long run...sniff sniff...)
    Best wishes