Saturday, 24 November 2012

Thrifty Christmas

I am going to attempt to do a 'how to' post today. I have never done one before so don't expect too much. I may share all my thrifty Christmas ideas, I may forget (very possible).
So, today will be my thrifty peg magnets, great as a gift for almost anyone but not including boys.
One can make loads of these for an initial outlay of as little as £5.

Roll of washi tape or fabric tape. I have used 4 different patterns. £1.60 per roll (Ebay)
Roll of self adhesive magnetic tape. £1.99 (Ebay)
Wooden pegs £1.00 for 48 (Pound shop)

This is so simple that I am possibly patronizing most of you talented people but I shall waffle on regardless.

Firstly, measure the tape against the peg.

Cut to size, peel backing from tape and stick to peg. I trimmed the tape after too. A craft knife is handy for this but I usually avoid knife use as I have a clumsy nature.

Repeat process for the lower, shorter part of the peg.

Lastly one needs to make the peg magnetic as it is very handy dandy to be able to post important notes on ones fridge. I like to remind Mr Betty about important things such as buying olives.

Jobs a guddun!

If, like moi, one likes a bit of fancy packaging. I find that the little sello wallets are brill.
I like to add a bit of coloured card and some snippets of retro annual, don't ask me why for I do not really know.

Bags/wallets 99p (The Works)
Coloured postcards £2.00 (Paperchase)

I think these are an ideal stocking filler and I shall, of course, be making a few for myself too.

Before I pop off to make some more peg magnets and come up with my next thrifty Christmas idea  I must introduce you to my new friend.

This is my new/old proper big grown up computer.
It is fab and Mr Betty has not huffed over my shoulder once during this blogging session.
I feel very professional and extremely lucky.
I will be making her a little jacket so that she looks smart and I have named her
Pippin because she is an apple!

Have you any thrifty gift ideas to share?
Please let me know if you do as I need a thrifty one this year.

Tonight Mr betty and I are hitting the Manchester Christmas markets with eldest and his GF Plum.
I will have some mulled wine and a big hot sausage.

Thanks for reading.x


  1. What a great how to ... I have made a few of these for a swap I'm doing but used japanese paper and Mod Podge ... I love the fabric tape ... very pretty ... have a lovely afternoon ... Bee xx

  2. What a great idea, thanks for sharing!

    Enjoy Manchester - I love that city, so many happy memories!!


  3. thats a great idea, love that! Your new computer is lovely!!

  4. Dear Oooh Betty
    I love your bags and think them to be most cheery and cheering - I love your pegs too. I sometimes also paint them.....goodness knows why also! Have you ever made your own washi tape? Just use double sided tape - reveal one side and stick down on to fabric of choice, snip to size. I use mine for parcels which is a bit extravagant now I think about it!
    Best wishes

  5. Lots of clever thrifty ideas, thankyou ladies x
    PS I love Manchester Christmas market, have visited as my lil bro lives in Salford. Enjoy x

  6. Gorgeous, just gorgeous. Enjoy your big hot sausage. Ooh er, missus. xx

  7. Thank you for sharing... I didn't know there was magnetic tape... how exciting! Enjoy playing with your new computer!

  8. Great idea! I'm definitely making my own cards this Christmas. Also probably going to make chocolate vodka for presents that I saw on Superscrimpers :) x

  9. Nice pegs, I didn't know you could get fabric tape! lovely computer! Heather x

  10. They look fab, I may have a go at making them myself. Love the new computer. Hope you had a great time last night.

  11. It's a simple idea but REALLY effective. I must have a go... Hope that you had a nice evening. Jx

  12. This is a lovely idea, I saw something similar for kids where you then added wings and turned them into butterflies. Thanks also for popping over and saying hi on my blog. I have had a ferret around yours and thoroughly enjoyed myself, especially love your foxes and cats in boxes. mel x

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