Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Badger in a ?

Today I am her to ask for help.
It's nothing too tricky, I don't need financial or marital advice so stay with me.

Last night, in-between clearing up sick and washing bedding (don't ask), I decided to work on my Badger idea.
I always use my standard kitty template so it was just a case of creating a nice badger face.


The Gang!
I also replenished my fox stock.
I have had no luck on Etsy and Folksy but luckily I always sell well at the fairs.

Now, as you may have established from the post title, I am requiring assistance with the presentation of the badgers. Will they be in box? What will their title be?
I am toying with 'Bernard the Badger' or something similar (Bill, Brian).
All suggestions welcome.
I also need to come up with an outfit idea. What do you think about a waistcoat/scarf combo?

I have been working at a new, temporary workstation today due to Maurice reaching arctic temperatures.
I will show you my new unit in a lot more detail very soon, she needs a fair bit of tlc!

Is the gingham melamine a giveaway?

I will make it my project for tomorrow evening on my return from the charity shop.

Tonight I will mostly be eating something from Marks Expensive and drinking a couple of Italian lagers. Thanks Mr Betty for reading the 'can't be arsed cooking signs'.

Thanks for reading and get those thinking caps on. x


  1. Hi Emma i like Simon or Dave and i am thinking tweed and tarten.......country gent; maybe bernard is more tweedy than Dave but i am thinking lock stock badger rather than wind in the willows, he looks kind of sneaky in a great train robbery kind of way. hope my feedback helps x

  2. Replies
    1. Paula, you could be onto something.
      I am thinking that my badgers are bad and they might be in jail even.....
      watch this space.
      emma. x

  3. My surname is Brock and you are very welcome to use it for your badgers! My brother is known to his friends as Brocky, and you can have that one too... Good luck:)

  4. My youngest says "Badger in a bag" and the name should be Bessie. That's what she thinks anyway and 9 year olds are always right aren't they?! ;) xx

    1. Too true Julia. Problem is, they become more 'right' every year!
      Btw, my mum suggested Badger in a Bag and she is a nutter ;)

  5. Definitely Bill - and a waistcoat will be just perfect. x

  6. Well, there you go I had not read the previous comments and had already decided on Badger in a Bag! Just goes with Fox in a Box. And I would name him Barry. The waistcoat and scarf sound perfect.

  7. Definitely needs a waistcoat! So cute :) x

  8. Burglar bill badger sounds like a go, perhaps with a mask and swag bag or stripey top?

  9. I like Barnaby and agree with Badger in a bag. Now I've read the other replies I also love Barry or Baz which is my husband's name. He always moans about Barry's being a bit dim so how lovely if there was a dapper Barry Bagder, a bit of a cad in his tweedy waistcoat? I have a formica table just like yours, £5 from a car booty and I blimmin' love it! Sarah

  10. I was going to say badger in a bin, cause thats what we caught one doing outside our back door.

    He'd look smashing in a waistcoat.

    I just missed buying a table like yours in a charity shop. Priced at €40 sold for €30 she was just putting in her car when i arrived.

  11. How about bob? Think he would look lovely with a red scarf :)
    Victoria xx

  12. If you have Burglar Bill Badger perhaps you could also have The Old Bill Badger too??

  13. Love the waistcoat idea and maybe a little cravat ... we have always coaxed the little ones to bed when they are taking a hand and wanting to stay up with the news that Bertie Badger is out and about ... not sure what he does or why you need to be in bed when he appears ... but it works here ... they are all tucked up and cosy in seconds ... I know this makes us sound a little bonkers but I can assure you ... it is just a little :) ... Bee xx

  14. ...now I was thinking badge in a bag before I read all these comments! Must be the way to go! Love him.....how about Raj the badge?..... And his wife Madge? Flat cap and tweed cravat.....some little felt wellies......?what fun......x!

  15. I like Bill Badger, but there's already a Bill Badger in Rupert the Bear (I'm showing my age here). What about Bartholomew? Badger in a Bag is a great idea, goes with Fox in a Box.

  16. Hello Mrs!
    Now I would suggest 'Bert'or Bertie and def go with the bag thingy....Bert would also just have to be 'bad'
    Bestest d x

  17. I'm thinking Badgers in Love, Bert (fair isle tank top) and Bet (dreamy dress and eyelashes) could then have the cutest babies. How about a whole woodland wonderland? EExx

  18. Bad Brad the burglar badger. With his leery grin and masked face he needs to be behind bars Mts B.
    Lynn xx