Friday, 30 November 2012

At last....

Thank you so much for all the help re my badger design.
After quite a bit of messing, re-doing and thinking I have finally reached a decision.
I really liked the idea of badger being a bad boy and I did put him behind bars for a short time (he was not impressed).
But, in the end, I agreed with the majority and have gone for 'Badger in a Bag'.

I hope he meets your approval.

At the moment he is wearing just a scarf. Mother did produce some little knitted waistcoats in her 24 hour sweat shop but I am quite liking his semi nakedness.
His scarf is rather Dr Who don't you think?

The badger comes in the same design of box as the foxes and kittys but it is very cleverly (if I do say so myself), made to look like a bag......crafty hey!

I am still working from my temporary work station and I can now reveal exactly what it is. It is a thrifty find might I just add.

2 shelves behind sliding glass doors, cutlery drawer beneath (great for stapler etc), drop down desk with 2 more shelves and sliding doors hiding yet more shelves.

It is a kitchenette!!
Purchased for £15.00 can you believe.
The amount of stuff it holds is amazing.  The drop down work space is massive.

Very important things.

More very important things.

Some important things and some pretty useless things that just look good.

I am missing Maurice and I have been warming him up once a day (this is how I treat Mr Betty too).

Bring on the spring!

Tonight I will be working some more. I have an event on Sunday and I will be sure to report back on this one as it is going to be a fabby afternoon.
Mother is closing up the sweat shop for a few days due to the removal of her gall bladder which will be taking place tomorrow. She is rather anxious.

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend. x

Oooh! Should just mention that my Badger in a Bag is available in my Etsy shop from today.
Click here to shop


  1. ...a take-away badge.....perfect and a very clever craft to make the box a bag! Love your new work station too.....amazing what you can find....not quite in the same league but i bought a gorgeous dala horse today for 25p!!! Hurrah! happy week-end x

    1. That is sooo in the same league!
      I have wanted a dale horse for an age. 25p, you little luckster. x

  2. A mighty fine find!
    Other peoples crafty cupboards are always the best!
    I would love the freedom to pop round for coffee then nose through their crafty bits!
    exclaiming... "I've got some of this" and "Oooh thats nice!!"
    I must admit my lovely squirrel friend above lets me look at hers sometimes....
    Daisy x

  3. Lovely little work space - all neat and compact :)

    Hope your Mum is ok after her Op - I need to have the same one next year :(

  4. Great workspace ... I am in dire need of an allocated crafty space ... I am currently in danger of being lost forever under a pile of craft supplies balancing on any available surface or in any available corner ... love the badger and do hope you Mum gets over her operation okay ... my best friend is having the same operation next Tuesday ... have a lovely weekend ... Bee xx

  5. Oh those badgers are just gorgeous! And that kitchenette...oh my what a joyous bargain. Like Bee I live in a world of tottering piles of fabric and drawers and boxes stuffed full to overflowing...glad to hear Maurice is being kept warm and dry ready for spring! Good luck to your Mum for her op and good luck to you for Sunday. Rachel x

  6. The badgers look fab! And I am in LoVe with your kitchenette! Gorgeous!
    Victoria xx

  7. I think your Badgers in a Bag are great! And I love their little tartan scarves, no need to worry about the waistcoats :) I hope your Mum is recovering well after her op and the event today went well xx