Saturday, 1 December 2012

Nice things.


The first decoration. 10p thrift.

New cushion. Pop Boutique £12

Glasses, soon to be filled with Sherry. £1 thrift.

New/ old camera for the collection. Olympus £1 thrift.

Mirror, painted by me. Paint B&Q bargain shelf £1.60

Thanks for looking. x


  1. I like your green mirror and those glasses do take me back to a time when I wish it still was! Ah sentimental person that I am! Heather x

  2. Very nice things indeed. Hope your mum's op has gone well today.

  3. Lovely things indeed. I love Pop Boutique - I've only been there once many years ago but I still remember the giddy feeling I got when I walked in and saw so much wonderful vintage stuff in one place! x

  4. OOOh those glasses are simply divine....
    D x

  5. Love your neew finds, new cushion is gorgeous! you've inspired me to paint my mirror a project for the new year x can't wait to get the fairy lights up!

  6. Ooh those glasses are gorgeous and I love the green mirror too!
    Victoria xx

  7. Lovely finds ... love the camera and the cushion is very lustworthy ... Bee xx