Saturday, 29 December 2012

Clearance Sale...Now On!!

Just a quickie (no not in that way rudies)
I would just like to announce a level of productivity very rarely achieved at this
 time of the year or any time of the year come to think about it.
Today I have managed to leave the house, pop through Maurices door 
(my 70s Sprite 400 caravan) and sort out my fair stock....I have astounded myself!

I must warn anyone that is averse to 'kitsch', the 70's or total retro to gogo that this
 might not be 'your bag'. Funnily enough there is a bag ;)

Anyhows, pop over to my Ebay shop and have a mooch.

Here is a couple of snippets of my wares.

I love this! Matching girl print also for sale.

Rather sleek portable typewriter.

My attempt to reduce my pottery collection.
Right now I am off to purchase much needed fox and kitty supplies.
I will be busy making over the next few days, re-stocking essential.
I am debating a bit of a giveaway (Badgers in mind). 

On a more serious note, I am poorly again.
I thought my Graves Disease had flared up so I sloped off to the Docs.
Blood test has informed me that I have a very low blood count, probably due to
 medication and I am anaemic....YAY!

I am not one to worry so I am just taking it easy and making Mr Betty do everything. 
Every black cloud hey ;)
Going to the Docs again to find out more, I will report back soon.

The big boys are flying off to France today for a week of skiing with their Daddy.
It will just be the three of us for a few days.
I can never get used to them going, even after 12 years.

Sorry, I seem to have gone a bit morose.
Lets end on a high note.
I smell nice, I have shiney hair and luminous skin. Thankyou Chanel, Benefit and Avon shampoo for kids (don't ask).
Thanks for reading and I hope you all had a fantastical Christmas. xxx


  1. Don't tell me Avon shampoo was secret Santa?

  2. Sorry you aren't feeling too well, look after yourself, I think I may need one of your foxes soon!!! :) x

  3. They will be ready when you are. xxx

  4. My boys went to sleep tonight clutching their fox and tomcat - they're so lovely. We could do with a badger to be their friend, so I'm looking forward to your giveaway! I hope you're feeling better soon, take care and thank you so much. Rachel x

  5. Hope you feel much better soon.

    Mr Betty sounds like a real star!!


  6. Emma,sorry to hear aout your aneeeemia,
    check out my foxy post it might make you smile?...
    Bestest daisy xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  7. Oh no, hope you are ok :( off to send you an email xxxxx

  8. Sorry to hear you not well, hope you feel better soon, I've no afternoon teas to make this week so if you need anything or just company over a cuppa let me know xx